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You know what? Below, we've rounded up some of the streaming service's most terrifying flicks to keep you busy—and well spooked—in the meantime. Below, you’ll find our list of the best scary movies on Netflix you can stream right now. Duplass plays Josef, and man with terminal cancer who recruits a videographer (Brice) to film him at a remote cabin so that he may leave behind a video diary for his young son. It’s genuinely good, scary, and incorporates all the creepy, pitter-pattering scares that made you terrified of Chucky in the first place.Â, © 2020 Condé Nast. Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch star as a coroner and his son in a small town. An American remake of the Japanese horror movie Ringu (not on Netflix), The Ring has the scariest of the herky-jerky, hair-over-the-face ghosts that dominated the … Ratcheting up the anxiety even further is the fact that our protagonist, Shideh (Narges Rashidi), is dealing with the fear of losing her husband in the war, the resentment of being a stay-at-home mom who is forbidden by the state from working, and a demon infestation all at once. Hell, for some types of people Halloween might be every single day. Colin Minihan’s indie thriller is a stylish reminder that everyone has secrets, even the person you love. McG’s surprise horror-comedy hit was so popular for Netflix that it produced a sequel in 2020’s The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Sometimes you just want a B-movie. As they’re trying to solve the mystery, things get very, very creepy. “Growing up is worse than a near-death experience,” he laments in the first few minutes.Â, Another movie that is decidedly not a fun romp like Adventures in Babysitting. Yes, a lot of this is clunky (and the recut version released by Shout Factory in 2016 is fascinating) but no one can deny the fearless John Lithgow performance at the center of this crazy movie. The son of Norman Bates himself, Anthony Perkins, directs this fantastic, creepy film starring Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton. It’s twisted and clever in ways that only a Roald Dahl story can be. The answer is nobody. Then weird things start happening with their photographs. The Oscar winner plays a woman who survives the apocalypse, which starts when people begin to see, well, something and go insane. Imagine getting together with your college friends after the tragic loss of one of your own, only to find yourselves lost in a Scandinavian forest where an ancient evil force resides. Stay far away from that garbage, but do check out the original, a film that instantly made clear how much Samara Weaving was going to be a star. It’s a mood piece about trust and survival starring Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo, Riley Keough, and a kid who’s about to blow up into a huge star, Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Luce). Let’s be honest, horror fans: A lot of the genre we love is garbage. So many titles, so much to experience. Only a boy and his grandma can stop her. There were rumors a few years ago that this was to be spun off into a mini-series continuation. The star of The Neon Demon plays the new young wife to a powerful and wealthy man who tells her that there’s only one room in the house that’s totally off limits. (The first two? The Best Scary Movies On Netflix For Halloween 2020. But this little town is filled with murderous secrets that make life hell for the pair.Â, When an American woman (Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer) realizes her sister has gone missing in Japan, she goes looking for her. Of course, curiosity gets the best of her. The 13 Scariest Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now. Three kids in the Bronx discover that the gentrification in their neighborhood includes some literal bloodsuckers. Porsha lets her hair down and has a little well-earned fun, while Cynthia inches closer and closer to “bridezilla” territory. Thankfully, Stephen King imagined it for us in the book this movie is based on. Directed by Alexandre Aja (Crawl), this horror-comedy stars Daniel Radcliffe as a young man accused of murdering his girlfriend who wakes up with horns on his head and paranormal powers. As Marshall-Green’s Will wonders if he’s going crazy, so will you, and the movie reinforces what you should already know by heart at this point: Always be suspicious of John Carroll Lynch! It’s a smart horror film told through the screen of a MacBook, and it tells the story of high school students who discover that their Skype conversation is quite haunted. Check out this other variation on the concept of the doppelgänger, which stars Madeline Brewer as a cam girl who wakes up one day to find out that she’s still online. Ratched - September 18 One of the biggest releases in the Netflix and Chills lineup, Ratched is the prequel to both the novel and the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. More from the emo zombie movement. Cargo is the best of what we’re calling the emo zombie wave in horror. Scary Movie is another film that is 100% more funny than it is frightening. Set against the backdrop of the Iran–Iraq War in the 1980s, the tension is heightened by the fact that the world outside the home is as dangerous as the one within. He’s got just 48 hours until he becomes one of the walking dead roaming the Australian landscape, and in that time he must find a suitable safe haven for his baby daughter. It starts as something dreamy and scary à la The Wicker Man but ends up being something much grosser and darker as it reaches its unforgettable climax. He’s happily married and so handles them with caution from the beginning, but he eventually gives in to their flirtations, leading to a greater nightmare than he could have ever imagined. Jessie must then confront both her inner demons and a looming bogeyman, that may or may not be real, as she struggles to get free before wasting away on the bed. Look, another Netflix Original! To heal himself and his other friends, he has the plans a hiking trip in northern Sweden in memory of their lost ally. I myself am a fan of Netflix’s horror movie collection and that’s why we bring you the best horror movies streaming on Netflix right now. There’s not nearly enough good foreign horror on Netflix — oh, there’s a lot of it, but most of it is awful — so you should seek out the cream of the crop, like this excellent 2004 Thai film about a magical camera. Skip the Robert Zemeckis version on HBO Max and just stick with the 1990 original from Nicolas Roeg. R29 Original Series. In Emelie, a young boy has to protect his younger sibling when their babysitter starts to show low-key troublesome tendencies like saying, “Sometimes it’s okay to destroy things for fun”—and that’s just the beginning.Â, Starring Madeline Brewer from The Handmaid’s Tale, Cam is a bone-chilling story about a cam girl who wakes up one day and finds that someone who looks exactly like her is impersonating her online. In this movie, a teen (13 Reason Why’s Dylan Minnette) and his mom move into a vacant vacation house after a tragedy. The Babysitter keeps things from feeling too scary, though, thanks to its entertaining blend of comedy among the horror.Â, After you’re done with The Babysitter, ease right into its sequel, Killer Queen. Movies move us like nothing else can, whether they’re scary, funny, dramatic, romantic or anywhere in-between. In the era of streaming, these are the absolute best horror movies on Netflix. Four teen boys are just being dumb teen boys when they find a katana in the belongings of one of the kids’ brother. Hard pass.) Henry Rollins should act more. They hit what they think is a wolf, but when a tow truck driver arrives to take care of the damage to the car, they learn that something much scarier is going down. Similar to 2018's Bird Box, Fractured is a Netflix-exclusive horror movie that managed to make a major splash on social media. Sometimes you want a giant snake who terrorizes a fun cast like Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson, and Jennifer Lopez. Sebastian Gutierrez’s 2018 indie horror flick is a vivid reimagining of the story of Bluebeard, starring Abbey Lee, Ciaran Hinds, and Carla Gugino. Based on the Stephen King short story from the collection Full Dark, No Stars, 1922 is a Netflix original scary movie starring Thomas Jane. (Meanwhile, the goat who played Black Philip decided Hollywood wasn’t for him.) Most of all, those things are in Sir Anthony Hopkins’s typically solid performance as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the last time he would play this role in what is technically a prequel to the superior The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Films about the horrors of the dark web always get me, and this one is particularly sinister.Â, Remember the Bird Box Challenge, the brief and ridicilous couple of days when people on the internet were blindfolding themselves and attempting to complete tasks like, uh, driving? She goes to live with her sister and her nephew, who also becomes obsessed with the story of the ghost. David Bruckner directed this story of a man (Rafe Spall) dealing with trauma after the death of a friend in a robbery. Well, someone who looks exactly like her is still online. This Stephen King adaptation is one of those that seeps into your blood and poisons it. Saw meets the Stanford Prison Experiment when participants—victims, really—in a game of horrific choices are manipulated into stabbing, shocking, and cutting one another for a chance at a life-saving cash prize. With a shocking mid-movie twist that best remains unspoiled, this is a tense, clever movie with a pair of strong performances and tight screenplay. The movie is delivered by the British-Iranian Filmmaker Babak Anvari, its a chilling horror movie, a very scary one will terrify you. Against a backdrop of Satanic murders, Marc Meyers flips the expected script in this tight, clever little thriller. A hidden body and intense guilt turn what starts as a coming-of-age piece into something much darker. What she finds in the mystical Aokigahara Forest is a mysterious and terrifying place haunted by the tormented souls of the dead. It’s odd how often Netflix has sequels on their service but not the original. Iconic. “Mama! Let’s just say, the movie takes a turn you definitely won’t be expecting. Take, for instance, this 2015 follow-up to 2012 Blumhouse hit starring Ethan Hawke. While not as star-studded as the original Sinister, this sequel delivers equal thrills, chills, and blood by the gallon. If you want a break from your typical American ghost story, go for Under the Shadow, an Iranian horror film about a woman whose apartment is being haunted by a djinni. The 30 Best Scary Movies on Netflix Right Now (Greta Heggeness) 9/24/2020. Like Scream, or this 2018 movie, Thriller. This may be more of a thriller than a horror film, but we have to get this list to 50 somehow and it ends in a brutal enough way to qualify. Allison Williams has definitely found a great niche for herself in creepy movies with a twist, like The Perfection and Get Out. As the world deals with a pandemic, there’s something about watching a futuristic society that falls apart because of greed and selfishness. Dan Stevens is phenomenal in Adam Wingard’s ode to ‘80s thrillers, in which the star of Downton Abbey plays a vet who returns to the family of a fellow fallen soldier and works his way into their lives. It’s well-acted, and adds a few wrinkles to the standard zombie mythology. by Rosie Knight. Anjelica Huston gives a classic performance as the Grand High Witch, who leads her kind in an effort to kill as many children as possible. It’s an undead thriller for the discerning drama fan. It’s the story of a young woman who moves into an apartment complex in Los Angeles and discovers her neighbors are not at all what they seem. From the way Dr. Lecter simply says “Clarice” to that tension-filled scene at the end—you know the one, no spoilers for the uninitiated!—it’s still as creepy as ever. We don’t want to give too much away here, but she plays a somewhat tortured musical prodigy confronted with the new girl who took her place, played by Logan Browning of Dear White People fame. He’ll have a lot of explaining to do to his irate tree wife. Thomas Jane stars as Wilfred James, a provincial man who manipulates his teenage son (Dylan Schmid) into helping kill his mother (Molly Parker) so she can’t take her share of the family’s money and ship off to the big city — effectively leaving their farm to die. He makes the classic mistake of getting close to someone, and the rest is better left unspoiled. Compared unfairly to A Quiet Place, given how much of it hinges on sensory deprivation, Bird Box is one of Netflix’s most streamed films for a reason. The story goes that the teenager tried to contact her friend’s deceased boyfriend and, well, things went weird. You can guess what happens next!Â, A woman (Kiersey Clemons) gets shipwrecked on a deserted island, which is honestly terrifying enough. Creep is as simple as it is effective. She plays the daughter of a divorced woman (Elisabeth Shue) who is looking for a new start in a small-town dream house. Available on Netflix Topics netflix movies halloween Ruth Wilson stars as a caretaker named Lily, who is tending to an old horror writer who suffers from dementia. And then things get really weird. And we swear they won’t all be Netflix Originals (there just happens to be a lot at the top of the alphabet). Hooper and producer Steven Spielberg tapped into a truly terrifying idea by presenting the comfort of suburban America as something built on a history ready for vengeance. What if you don’t have time for the trash? Hopefully, this list contains an array of horror styles from the more direct impact of a slasher pic to something more akin to a thriller to everyone’s favorite subgenre, the ghost story. Pan’s Labyrinth, Poltergeist, The Guest, and more. Arguably more fantasy than horror, Guillermo Del Toro’s masterpiece has just enough nightmare fuel to qualify, and that’s not even including the incredibly dark “real-world” themes with which GDT is playing here. Grago. A couple hits a woman with their car after a night of partying and they drive away. It’s thriller time. Shot at Danvers State Mental Hospital, Anderson’s film uses its setting perfectly, increasing tension with every single scene. In early 2020, Sony announced that they were rebooting Anaconda, a somewhat forgotten giant snake movie from 1997 that’s mostly known for its B-movie value than actual scares. They do what dumb kids do, taking it to the park and slicing up milk cartons, but things turn tragic when a fight erupts. Intelligencer With great practical effects and a pitch-black sense of humor, it’s a movie that recalls great horror films of the ‘70s and ‘80s in ways we don’t see from the genre that often nowadays. Suffice to say that Rollins is a captivating lead. It’s the sort of basic premise that makes for some of the most tense moments in any horror film.Â, The Affair’s Ruth Wilson stars as an extremely skittish woman who is hired to care for a sick horror writer. Vampires vs. That’s what Oz Perkins (son of Norman Bates himself, Anthony) delivers with this divisive Netflix Original. If you're looking for good horror movies on Netflix, look no further.For those seeking a scare, there's no shortage of blood-curdling films on the streaming giant. A group of South Los Angeles friends find out that a childhood prank gone wrong has put a target on their backs many years later.Â. Already a subscriber? Kristen Wiig’s Pigeon Lady Turns Christmas Vigilante in, Turn on “Silly Games” and let’s get this discourse, Ariana Grande Says “Yuh” to Her Quarantine Boo and Gets Engaged. The son of Stephen King has a loyal following among readers for works like the masterful Locke & Key and clever NOS4A2, which was just turned into a lackluster AMC series. The description for In the Tall Grass has us feeling all the retro Children of the Corn vibes. Oh, and it wants to stalk your whole crew. Mike Flanagan strikes again! But with the adaptation of In the Tall Grass , they’ve also got a handle on the next generation of horror authors with Joe Hill . Couple name? This Spanish hit has been one of the most watched new films on Netflix for all of March 2020. From campy cult classics like Sleepy Hollow to hidden gems like Gerald’s Game, there’s something for every horror genre lover here. Get on the bandwagon before someone tells you to do so. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley star as genetic engineers who go a little too far in playing God, creating a creature they name Dren. Discover. Wilson and Rose Byrne play the parents of a comatose boy who is possessed by a demon, but they’re not giving up the fight for his soul so easily. So, the definition of a nightmare? A father boards a train from Seoul to Busan so as to protect his daughter from the zombie attack. The age-old game that we've all been playing since childhood takes an insidious turn. A romantic weekend getaway gone more wrong than you can possibly imagine. Many of these films will actually make you feel like you’re in a haunted house. What more do you want from a movie?!?! But boy did she come roaring back with The Invitation, an exercise in creeping dread that stars Logan Marshall-Green as a man attending a dinner party at his ex-wife’s home, and she’s got a very surprising update for him and their shared friends. The two arcs converge in an unforgettable final act. You should know the names of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Gerald proves himself to be a total bastard, however, when he springs a surprise rape fantasy on his wife and then dies of a heart attack on top of her — before he can unlock her handcuffs.

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