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The Baroque churches of the Middles Ages in Sicily … CAR RENTAL IN SICILY. Be sure to make your way to the Piazza Duomo and the Fountain of Arethusa during your wandering! The next day (3rd day) , continuation of this road trip in Sicily of 10 days descending towards the South and Agrigento . En même temps l'Italie pour les vacances c'est une vraie valeur sûre : de belles plages, du soleil (beaucoup de soleil), plein de visites à faire, et une cuisine riche et savoureuse. If you prefer large sandy beaches, push to the city, you will find your happiness. Cap à l’Est pour la suite de notre road trip sicilien avec une escale à Syracuse et sa très célèbre presqu’île Ortigia pleine de charme, ravissante, avec ses petites ruelles pavées et ses jolis monuments. The Baroque towns of the Val di Noto may look very close together on a map, but add in small, winding roads, the hassles of finding a place to park and making your way (often uphill) to the picturesque town centers, and the delights of savoring each spot, and it’s definitely best to limit your movements when possible. In order to visit some of Taormina’s most popular sights like Isola Bella, and its beaches in general, you’ll need to head down to the seaside via cable car. Hotel Posta — With a fabulous location overlooking a port and within a short walk of many of Syracuse’s top attractions, Hotel Posta is a prime choice for mid-range travelers on their Sicily road trip. © Copyright 2020, BonAdvisor. — Located practically next door to Cefalù’s beach and complete with both a balcony and a small kitchen, Sweet Home Cefalù gets rave reviews and is the perfect option for budget travelers in Cefalù. So far, we’ve ridden camels in Morocco, gone scuba diving in Mozambique, climbed a volcano in Guatemala, fallen in love with everything in Italy, traveled overland from Mexico to Panama, and so much more. Then continue along the 2 main arteries: Via Etnea and Via Crociferi . Some links in this post may be affiliate links. We recommend shopping through, However, ultimately, we walked away feeling that driving in Sicily was. Boasting phenomenal views of both Mount Etna and the sparkling Ionian Sea, great swimming nearby, and an incredible Greek theatre, Taormina is hard not to love. It is required for all car rentals in Italy, and while the rental company may not ask, it’s not worth the risk of being refused a car once you arrive or getting a fine if you’re pulled over to be without one. Cet itinéraire de 2 semaines de road trip en Sicile a été réalisé en Été. These days, we prefer just to leave valuables in our Pacsafe during the day. Climbing high over Cefalù to La Rocca takes less than an hour but rewards you with stupendous views over Cefalù and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as providing some interesting stops along the way (namely, the ruins of the Temple of Diana). Sicily is quite big so you can’t really see it all in one trip (unless you stay 3+ weeks minimum). than expected–but we fully admit this impression is likely partially because of how nervous we were about doing it. Our Sicily road trip itinerary is designed to hit all the best spots on the island for first-timers to visit, allowing you to get a taste of many different parts of Sicily: complicated yet lovely Palermo, beautiful beaches, and hilltop villages are all covered, as well as some of the most popular cities in Sicily. City driving is the trickiest while traveling between cities on major highways is fairly simple. Want to add a little thrill to your list of things to do in Taormina? Taking a Palermo food and walking tour on one of the first days of your Sicily travels is an excellent way to orient yourself both to the city and to the island as a whole. Its bay is found on all the postcards of Sicily, so we should not leave without the souvenir photo! On the way, stop at Marsala for a tasting of the wine of the same name then passage by the salt road (the SP21). ), 17 Interesting Facts About Sicily, Italy’s Southernmost Region, 25 of the Best National Parks in the USA (Beautiful + Diverse! Final Visits to Aci Castello, Acireale and Time to Leave. In the afternoon, head to Monreale by car to visit its cathedral, recognized throughout the world for its splendid mosaics gilded with fine gold. If you are into Road Trips, Sicily is an authentic paradise. Pack a cell phone holder to attach to the car and you’ll be able to drive much more safely! Road Trip en Sicile : Louer une voiture en Sicile Le meilleur moyen de visiter la Sicile est, bien entendu, d’opter pour la location d’un véhicule. At the end of the day, return to Taormina for a last night in Sicily. SanVito Hostel — With excellent reviews, a prime location in Ragusa near Piazza San Giovanni, an included breakfast, and a gorgeous terrace offering panoramic views of the Val di Noto, SanVito Hostel is a phenomenal option for budget travelers during their Sicily road trip. Choisissez vous-même vos dates de départ. Book your Palermo food + walking tour today! In the same style as the Zingaro, but with landscapes all the same different, the walk is super nice. In Trapani, take a stroll in the historic center on Via Garibaldi or Corso Italia. You do need to be a confident, well-practiced driver to comfortably drive in Sicily. The views of Ragusa Ilba looking down from Ragusa Superiore may just be some of the best views in this entire Sicily itinerary, which is really saying something! Sicily embodies thousands of years of history spanning the height of the Greek and Roman empires. We squeezed a quick visit to Cefalù into one day, but this magnificent seaside town captured our hearts and absolutely deserves more time than that–as we strolled the streets of Cefalù, we fantasized about one day returning here for a month! We didn’t incur any damage to our rental car in Sicily… but when we dropped it off. This curious place … Personally, we eat at the restaurant only in the evening (sandwich lunch) and prefer housing around 50 to 60 € per night. You will be so close to the archaeological park of Néapolis , your activity of the afternoon! Book a day trip to the crater of an active volcano! Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and ideally, complete this climb in the morning or early evening–the midday sun is brutal up here! We never had any problems during our road trip to Sicily but it is true that we have been more attentive to our business than in other countries. Il Lapino — Home to simple rooms (some with shared bathrooms) and located only a 10-minute walk from the Palermo Cathedral, Il Lapino is very well-reviewed and is an excellent place to stay in Palermo for those on a budget. Travel Journal — If you want to keep a travel journal, but can’t commit to a huge amount of writing each night, I can’t recommend the One Line a Day Journal enough–I’ve been using it for almost 3 years now and adore it! Price Sicily rental cars with Discover Cars today! What Does a Trip to Italy Cost (On Any Budget)? ), purchase a policy through the rental car company, or something else, be sure you have coverage: in Sicily, it’s worth the peace of mine. Bear in mind that we are coming at this from the perspective of people who drove daily for nearly a decade and have road-tripped through many countries, including Italy, before. After you arrive in Catania, rent … It combines the other 2 circuits by car that I told you just above, with some small adjustments to optimize travel. Not far from here, you can go for a walk in the historic center of Agrigento then finish the day by going to the Scala dei Turchi , one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Sicily. The 2 main airports where you can land in Sicily are those of Palermo and Catania . Entre villes anciennes, volcans actifs et plages de toute beauté, la Sicile a de quoi séduire. Morning Hike | Scenic Tour | Full Day Trip. to drive, or you’ve never driven outside your home country is likely not the best idea. Though Italian is the official language in Sicily, Sicilian dialect–which is related and yet distinctly different, to the point where Italian speakers will have a hard time understanding it–is widely spoken in Sicily. Of all the Greek theatres we have visited in world–including ones in Greece itself–this one is by far the prettiest we have ever seen, and a visit here absolutely belongs on your 10 day Sicily itinerary. The next day (2nd day) , I advise you to take a trip to Etna . Beautiful Ragusa is divided into two sections: Ragusa Superiore (the upper town) and Ragusa Ilba (the lower town). Not many villages as small as Cefalù have cathedrals as impressive–dating back even further than Palermo’s Cathedral, the Cefalù Duomo is absolutely worth visiting during your Sicily road trip, and if the views at La Rocca weren’t enough for you, you can even climb to the top! Private balcony views, exceptional customer service, and a delicious daily breakfast are all included here–if you’re looking for the ultimate relaxing stay in Palermo, this is it! Following this two-week road trip to Sicily will take you to Syracuse and Ortygia Island for the next 2 days. Soyons clairs, cette année, notre budget vacances n’était pas illimité mais nous avions décidé de ne partir qu’une fois et de profiter tout de même de ces quelques jours de bonheur qui nous étaient alloués. There were days that we pulled into our hotel’s parking space exactly when Google Maps said that we would–and days (like the day we had to catch a flight) that we ended up way behind schedule due to road work and an unfortunate accident that we got stuck behind. A road trip in Sicily can be tricky and needs a good plan as there are lots of amazing stuff to see and do. Excellent choice of destination! If you’re in town for a couple of days and one day looks clearer than the other, use the clearer day to visit Mount Etna (or if you don’t want to head all the way to Mount Etna, admire views of it from the Greek Theatre). Once a thriving Ancient Greek city, these ruins are remarkably well-preserved and far less crowded than many better-known Greek ruins throughout Europe. No waste of time in public transport and the freedom to choose where and when to stop , it does not refuse! We recommend shopping through Discover Cars in order to search through multiple companies at once. Just aim for something comfortable to wear, not flashy, and medium-sized–we used a Northface Jester backpack for years and loved it as well. Check rates & book your stay at Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel! All rights reserved. The only catch is what to do with your car, which leads me to…. This will allow you to go through the salt road , which crosses the salt marshes between Paceco and Trapani . On the way, you can make a stop in Marsala to taste the wine of the same name and then continue on the SP21 road at the exit of the city. The major roads in Sicily are perfectly well maintained–smaller roads, not so much, so beware of potholes. ), luxury travelers (or just those looking for a splurge) can’t go wrong with a stay at 4-star Hotel Livingston during their 10 day Sicily itinerary! Between Paceco and Trapani, it will allow you to passmany salt marshes and enjoy beautiful landscapes. At the end of the article, I also give you some tips to know the best time to leave and the budget to provide for your stay. You can plan to spend 3 nights there. For the 5th day of this tour of Sicily by car in 15 days, spend the day discovering the 3 Baroque citiesclassified as World Heritage by UNESCO such as Noto, Modica and Ragusa. Notre road trip en Sicile jour par jour Jour 1 et 2 : arrivée à 8h15 près de Palerme. Planning your own trip to Sicily and not sure exactly where to go? For the 7th day of your vacation, you will go to Selinunte . We use and recommend World Nomads for trips to Italy. This works out to be quick-paced but reasonable 10 day Sicily itinerary–but if you’re lucky enough to have more time to spend in Sicily, you can extend it far longer, both by increasing the number of days spent in each location and adding new destinations (we’ll provide some suggestions for those below as well). Then go for a walk in the gorges of the Alcantara , 50 minutes from Taormina. Eight of the towns in the Val di Noto are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their incredible Baroque architecture: Ragusa, Modica, Noto, Scicli, Palazzo Acreide, Caltagirone, Militello in Val di Catania, and finally, Catania itself.

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