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The young Lucius and his mother were saved by Maximus when he avenged his family. girlmidgard. Maximus and Lucilla had ended it way before, and both had sons that were the same age (like 8 if I remember rightly). This was one of the first gladiatorial battles held in the well-known arena and their brutal struggle likely helped draw in the crowds. Relevance. They said you can crush a … Maximus was a Roman Legatus (General) from Spain who Emperor Marcus Aurelius asked to succeed him instead of his son, Commodus, as Commodus was seen as corrupt. Contemporary Roman writer Cassius Dio describes the young heir as “rather simple-minded,” but he ruled agreeably with his father and joined Marcus Aurelius in the Marcomannic Wars against the Germanic tribes along the Danube, which the emperor … Answer Save. “Gladiator 2” is officially moving forward with director Ridley Scott and screenwriter Peter Craig, Deadline reports. They are famous for their drawn-out battle in the Flavian Amphitheater of Rome (better known as the Colosseum). A man's? replican barbie. "All of you, back to work" and with that, the pirates dispersed, leaving Lucius staring at his now bloody hands. Maximus had won many … Although Proximo was freed by Emperor Marcus Aurelius, it was not necessary for every gladiator to receive that dispensation from the Emperor himself. Gladiator was released in 2000 and has 120 actors and actresses with connections in other movies. There is some implication that Lucius Jr. may indeed be Maximus’ child, hence the awkwardness between he an Lucilla. No. Yes. 2 0. Maximus Decimus Meridius was a high ranking Roman general in command of multiple Roman legions who served under the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in his Twelve Year Campaign against the barbarians in Germania. In gladiator, why was maximus scared when lucius veras said he was named after his father? Het gerucht gaat nu dat een sequel in ontwikkeling is en zal draaien om Lucius Versus. Search, discover and share your favorite Gladiator GIFs. In short, if ever there was a film that didn’t cry out for a sequel, it’s Gladiator. Relevance. They were my horses. Update: is Lucius the son of Maximus. Some of the best. The story centers on the now-adult Lucius, Commodus’ nephew and the son of Connie Nielsen’s character Lucilla from Scott’s original film. He eventually killed Commodus, but died shortly after. RELATED: 10 Best Gladiator Films, Ranked. Once a gladiator had survived to reach retirement or had earned his freedom, he was given a wooden sword, or rudis, which symbolized that freedom. In the movie gladiator. Lucius is who he says he is in the film, the son of Lucius Verres. He loves to watch the gladiator battles, Maximus being one of his favorites. Lucilla " Even over his son" Favourite answer. I found this though from the second production draft script 1998, thought it quite interesting. Jan 22, 2019 - Spencer Treat Clark (So Lucius from Gladiator is actually kind of hot now - CosmopolitanUK) Gladiator 2 details revealed, Ridley Scott film to be set 25 years later. Lucius: They said you were a giant. Lucius motions to Maximus to come towards him] Lucius: Gladiator, are you the one they call the Spaniard? "You too" the man waved at him with a perfumed hand. In the movie Gladiator, was Lucius son of Maximus? She glides to him. No, he is the son of Lucilla and Lucius Verus, who had also been a great general for Rome. A boy's. It discusses the film's plot and ending, so if you have not seen the movie yet, you may want to come back later! Lucius Caesar (17 BC – 20 August AD 2) was a grandson of Augustus, the first Roman emperor.The son of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Julia the Elder, Augustus' only daughter, Lucius was adopted by his grandfather along with his older brother, Gaius Caesar.As the emperor's adopted sons and joint-heirs to the Roman Empire, Lucius and Gaius had promising political and military careers. Gladiator the movie questions? Lucius was beating another man when a voice interrupted. He later served as a Gladiator in the arena after he escaped Commodus. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. He was played by Russell Crowe in the 2000 film Gladiator. Master Lucius… They said you were a giant. No doubt a grown-up Lucius will be somehow inspired in a Gladiator 2 by his sort of father figure who died. They have good horses in Spain? Lucius was named after this father. If so, how does the film show this? Maximus and Lucilla had ended it way before, and both had sons that were the same age (like 8 if I remember rightly). A gladiátorok az ókori római amfiteátrumokban fegyverzettel küzdő harcosok voltak. A bit naive when it comes to things such as power though. Lucius Caelius of the Caelian clan was an unexpected ally to Spartacus and the Slave Army.His family was struck down through the proscription program implemented by Lucius Cornelius Sulla, a prominent Roman politician who achieved consulship in 88 BCE and ruled as Rome's dictator for three years until retiring. Answer #1 | 06/01 2015 05:06 No. Twee decennia later lijkt dit nog steeds lastig. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Having survived the fateful duel, Emperor Commodus is vengeful and lonely after the death of Maximus and the banishment of Lucilla. Niet geheel vreemd dat er al snel na de release van Gladiator werd gesproken over een vervolg. It is clear that the two had once fallen in love, yet Maximus was not yet of standing sufficient to marry her. Gladiator turns 17 this year, which only really means one thing: Lucilla's cute little son Lucius is now a proper adult human man.AND HE'S REALLY FIT. 2 Answers. [young Lucius is walking along the cells where the gladiators are placed on display for the crowds to inspect. scroll down… Aug 25, 2012 - " Emperor Lucius Aurelius Commodus" played by Joaquin Phoenix in "The Gladiator". Lucius Verus (Gladiator) Original Female Character(s) Alternate Universe - Canon; Ancient Rome; Inspired by Gladiator (2000) Summary. I would not want to spoil it for you! This is Argento, and this is Scarto. No. He fell ill at Canosaprobably afflicted with a stroke, and took to bed. Priscus and Verus were a tough pair of gladiators who lived during the latter part of the 1st century AD. Answer Save. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 5 Answers. He seemed to look around and be ... and stick a sword in him, He can't do it if some one reconizes him first, Lucius is the son of the emperor's sister. Lucius Aurelius Commodus, ook wel Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus, kortweg Commodus genoemd, (31 augustus 161 – 31 december 192) was keizer van Rome van 177 tot 192, waarvan de eerste drie jaar medekeizer van zijn vader, Marcus Aurelius.De klassieke, mogelijk partijdige geschiedschrijving van de Historia Augusta - in dit artikel gevolgd - beschouwt hem als een van de … A gladiátorok a hódító hadjáratok során foglyul ejtett rabszolgák voltak. The 2,year-old ring worn by Nielsen in the film was found by the actress in an antique store. Lucius Aurelius Commodus, born 161 A.D., was appointed co-emperor by his father Marcus Aurelius in 177 A.D. when he was just 16 years old. In an effort to win back the people’s approval, Commodus challenges Luciius to a duel in the Colosseum. Maximus emerges from Marcus' tent into a long tent corridor, Lucillas voice "He always favoured you" He turns Lucilla is waiting. Producers described sequel as 'legitimate' follow-up In the movie Gladiator, was Lucius son of Maximus? scroll down for info This site provides historical insight into the actual characters and events portrayed in Ridley Scott's film Gladiator. Name: Lucius Veras Age: 10 Gender: Male Occuptation: Prince of Rome Personality: He's a fun loving kind of kid that is very loving to his mother. Maximus: Yes. He was played by Russell Crowe, who is widely known for portraying Jor-El and Bud White. Maximus Decimus Meridius is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the 2000 epic historical filmGladiator. Movies: Gladiator fanfiction archive with over 263 stories. 1 decade ago. Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus | Emperor Commodus/Lucius Verus (Gladiator) (2) Original Character(s)/Original Character(s) (1) Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus | Emperor Commodus/Maximus Decimus Meridius (1) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (2) Ancient Rome (2) Inspired by Gladiator … The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! In the film Gladiator, is Lucius Maximus' son? Gladiator kostte iets meer dan 100 miljoen dollar om te maken, maar bracht wel bijna 460 miljoen dollar wereldwijd op. 6 years ago. They said you could crush a man's skull with one hand. "Enough" it was a short man, dressed in the Arab fashion; he looked very well off, considering the ample belly on him. The clip lucius meets maximus from Gladiator (2000) with Spencer Treat Clark, Russell Crowe Gladiator, are you the one they call the Spaniard? Lv 7.

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