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startxref Présentation du Code du Statut Personnel en Tunisie, 60 ans après. 0000006347 00000 n 81-7 of February 18, 1981 entrusting to the widow mother the upbringing of minor children and favouring women in divorce cases. Soon after a debate held in June 1997 at the European Parliament on the situation of the rights of Tunisian women, some Tunisian women were sent to Strasbourg to give Europe another view of their country. 72 Invités, 0 Membres Statistiques courantes : Total des membres: 4 107 Total des messages: 18 966 Total des sujets: 5 729 Total des catégories: 22 Total des sections: 55 These measures added to co-education in schools and as a consequence the entry of more and more young women into the workplace, involving the decline of marriage and of births of which the target was 46 per cent in 1966 and 30 per cent in 1971. Imams delivering speeches opposing the Code and shayks signing petitions or articles criticizing it were arrested. il y a 2 ans | 3 vues. The feminist question is a recurring theme in Tunisia, more than in all the other countries of the Maghrib, and the country is from that point of view "atypical" of the region. 93-74 of July 12, 1993 modified the Code giving wives the right to transfer her patrimony and nationality to children to the same extent as husbands, even if she was married to a foreigner, on the sole condition that the father has given his approval. ", In 1995, other legislative innovations were voted in the allocation of the goods at the heart of a couple, recognizing the fact that the composition of the goods was made by two spouses and in divorce cases women could not be excluded in the division of joint inheritances. Article 170. Alerte Google : "code du statut personnel" Showing 1-31 of 31 messages. 0000335144 00000 n A law of March 1958 imposed civil marriage and on December 14, 1960, another law limited to four the number of children benefiting from family allowances. En Tunisie, le droit de la famille est réglementé par le Code du Statut Personnel. Rapport de partage d'une succession selon les dispositions du Code du Statut Personnel tunisien. Le code, dans le cas d’une famille classique, répartit ainsi la dévolution de l’actif successoral : According to the decrees of March 29, 1956 and October 1, 1958, Zitouna University was closed as were the other madrasses, the official goal being "to progressively suppress all previous types of teaching, unadapted, hybrid or outdated." Qui est en ligne ? On June 13, 1955, Bouzid, then the magazine's only woman, edited in its eighth issue an article signed with the pseudonym of Layla and entitled "Call For Emancipation Law." On February 9, 1994, "Tunisian Women's Day" was organized by the French senate under the title "Tunisia, an Assumed Modernity." Bourguiba referred to a sura of the Koran to justify this measure: "We have abided by the spirit of the Holy Book... which indicates monogamy. 0000005210 00000 n In the matrimonial domain, Tunisia remains often considered as a state open to the advances of the modern world. 0000331486 00000 n Discours féministe et fait islamiste en Tunisie. Le Code du statut personnel tunisien ( CSP ) nécessite-t-il un amendement, 60 ans après sa promulgation, à la lumière de la Constitution de 2014? This explained that the future of Islamic civilization depends on its modernization. 0000007766 00000 n Finally, another prescription annulled the privilege of paternal grandparents to receive support payments for children. xref 0000330935 00000 n He was thus limited to introducing measures against abuses. Les règles applicables au divorce en droit tunisien figurent aux articles 29 et suivants de ce Code. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles needing additional references from May 2008, All articles needing additional references, Featured articles needing translation from French Wikipedia, Articles needing translation from French Wikipedia, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with empty sections from June 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This forced the religious authorities likewise to interpret the Koran in a way that accepted the fact that women could receive an education and participate in the social life of the country. Under government pressure he expressed confidence in the president and recognition that the Code represents, "In its entirely a fitting means to organize family relations." 0000325661 00000 n La Tunisie présente un modèle de code de statut personnel unique et exceptionnel par rapport aux autres pays arabes. Proclaimed on March 20, 1956, then promulgated on August 13 of the same year (Muharram 6, 1376) by Lamin Bey's beylical decree, the Code came into force on January 1, 1957. July 1, 1965 saw a law allowing abortion as much for social as for therapeutic reasons. He described to as a radical reform which would make marriage a "state matter, an act that must be supervised by public law and society in its entirety." 0000000016 00000 n the new First Lady, Leïla Ben Ali, made more and more public appearances, and, as a spokesperson for her husband, gave regular speeches on the role of women in the country. Une mauvaise loi oblige toujours le législateur d'en faire beaucoup d'autres, souvent très mauvaises aussi, pour éviter les mauvais effets ou, au moins, pour remplir l'objet de la première. This sura states that: "It is permitted to marry two, three or four among the women who please you, but if you fear not being just towards them, then only one, or some slaves that you possess. Also, the silence of the Code concerning marriage between a Muslim woman and a non Muslim man, since 1969, is interpreted by most judges as a recognition of the prohibition decreed by Muslim law in the matter. The reality is that the institutional presence of Islam in Tunisia, although strictly circumscribed, is truly a constant reference, implicit or explicit, legitimizing the regime's direction. 0000006633 00000 n 0000327818 00000 n L'un des époux ne peut revenir durant l'audience de jugement sur l'accord donné en conciliation qu'avec l'assentiment de l'autre conjoint. . Khalifa Chater-13 août 2019. Soumettre une succession. In 1976, at the UNFT's sixth congress, he openly declared that: "It is not necessary that woman exercise remunerative activities outside her home. The majority of the religious leaders had benefiting from their own daughters being advantaged by the changes in society. Les droits réels qui en résultent pour les immeubles immatriculés ne se constituent que par leur inscription sur le livre foncier. 0000324479 00000 n We should know that Tunisia celebrates two days dedicated to women: March 8, International Woman's Day and August 13, anniversary of the Code's promulgation which became a holiday, "National Woman's Day." The Union of women and the Union of girls belonging to the Communist party agitated especially in the social and labour domains. Cet article est très riche et très renseigné, mais devrait AMHA se concentrer davantage sur le Code du statut personnel lui-même, y compris les lois le modifiant - mais en faisant des articles séparés pour les lois qui n'y ont pas été intégrées (par ex. 0000329762 00000 n And, provoking conservatives, he added: "The defenders of polygamy would have to admit in a spirit of equality that the wife be polyandrous in the event of the husband's sterility. Our decision in the matter contradicts no religious text and is found to be in agreement with mercy and justice and the equality of the sexes.". Bourguiba later addressed them in a speech: "As you, I am Muslim. Son commentaire de la Moudawwana, autrement dit, du Code du statut personnel marocain, promulgué en 1957-1958, a été conçu dans le même esprit, et suivant le même plan que celui qu'il avait consacré, il y a quelques années, au Code du statut personnel tunisien. In 1980, Tunisia's level of demographic growth was among the lowest in the Southern countries and is found to be the lowest of the Arab world. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. Chapitre IV - Empêchements au mariage. Article 204 Note Modifié par la Loi n° 92-48 du 4 mai 1992.. Pour être valable, toute donation doit être passée par acte authentique. L'adoption du Code du Statut Personnel, le 13 août 1956, quelques mois après l'indépendance, atteste que Habib Bourguiba transgresse. Radhia Haddad recognizes Bourguiba's merits in these transformations: "If all countries have finished, one day or the other, in freeing themselves from foreign invaders, none, and surely no Arab Muslim country, has dared a social revolution to such an extent.". On August 20, 1956, this last sent a letter to Ahmed Mestiri, in which he called for revision of certain articles of the Code, of which those related to the prohibition of polygamy and the creation of a procedure for divorce. In the same period Shayk Mohamed Fadhel Ben Achour, who was mufti of Tunisia and rector of the University of Ez-Zitouna, issued a fatwa, result of a personal ijtihad. Nous, Mohamed Lamine Pacha Bey, Possesseur du Royaume de Tunisie; Vu le décret en date du 5 mai 1876 (30 rabia II 1293) sur le fonctionnement du Charaâ de Tunis et des Charaâs et Tribunaux de cadis de l'intérieur, Vu Notre décret du 21 septembre 1955 (30 safar 1375), relatif à 0000331305 00000 n Décret-loi n° 62-21 du 30 août 1961 modifiant l'article 32 du code du statut personnel, ratifié par la loi n° 62-41 du … Les empêchements permanents sont ceux relatifs à la parenté (de sang, par alliance ou lié à l’allaitement) des futurs époux … Le Code du statut personnel tunisien distingue les empêchements permanents des empêchements provisoires (art. Le droit des successions est régi par les articles 85 et suivants du CSP. In practise, on September 14, 1965, Tunisia ratified the International Labour Organization's Convention number 111 concerning discrimination in the matter of employment and profession. 0000004186 00000 n 104 dated 28 December 1956. The Code was promulgated by Decree of 13 August 1956, which was published in the Journal Officiel de la République Tunisienne No. Nevertheless, unemployment affects women disproportionately, 16.7 per cent in 2004 compared to 12.9 per cent for men. During a speech delivered on December 26, 1962, Bouguiba stated: "Work contributes to the emancipation of women. Article 89. 0000329547 00000 n prononcer le divorce (article 31, alinéa 1 du code de statut personnel tunisien). Article 4 Amendment no. Au regard de l’article 67 du Code du statut personnel tunisien, la mère qui obtient le droit de garde n’exerce que partiellement certaines prérogatives de la tutelle, à moins que le père ne puisse assurer son rôle de tuteur. they were almost all dismissed or forced to retire. Collette Juilliard-Beaudan thinks that Tunisian women "cease to choose a democratic form, (they) prefer secularism." Reforms were carried out in 1993. Concretely, Tunisian women are very involved in society, as they represent 58.1 per cent of students in higher education. Vu Notre décret du 12 juillet 1956 (30 doulhidja 1375), fixant le statut personnel des Tunisiens non musulmans et non israélites, Vu Notre décret du 3 août 1956 (25 doulhidja 1375), portant modification de certains articles du Code tunisien de procédure civile, Vu l'avis du conseil des Ministres, 0000328161 00000 n On September 7, he asked members of the religious courts for their opinions concerning the Code's conformity with religious law. Until 1956, divorce remained the prerogative of the man who could unilaterally repudiate his partner by a simple declaration before two witnesses. It seems to affirm a distinctiveness which it has followed since the beylical period which, "on the eve of the institution of the French protectorate was going to engage in a process of reforms establishing its connection to society in a modern national perspective.". The Code also forbade the marriage of a man: "With his ancestors and descendants, with his sisters and the descendants to infinity of his sisters and brothers, with his aunts, great aunts and great great aunts" and "with the woman whom he has divorced three times." In the years following independence, women obtained the right to work, to move, to open bank accounts and to establish businesses without the permission of their husbands being sought. Nevertheless, the feminine condition was not then among his priorities and one finds in his actions the same political ambiguity as that which existed with Bourguiba. On January 10, 1957, the wearing of the veil at school was forbidden. Bourguiba founded the Union of Tunisian Women in 1956 entrusting to it leadership in favourable publicity for his feminist policy. In this context, the film maker Moufida Tlatli, famous for her film "The Silences of the Palace" (1994) was heavily criticized in the magazine "Realities" for having shown her scepticism on the supposed feminism of Islam during a television broadcast in October 1994. Their members were integrated into the body of common law magistrates. 14 et s du CSPT). On September 14, thirteen members of the higher court published a fatwa, in which they affirmed that the Code contained elements judged opposed to the Koran, to the Sunna and to the Ijma. It made maternal grandparents equally entitled, eliminating the concept of the patriarchal family. At the end of 1987, Zine el Abidine inherited a society shared between conservatives, who urged modification of the Code in a regressive sense, and modernists who wished its continuance to symbolize Tunisia's anchorage in modernity. This Code is one of the best known deeds of Habib Bourguiba, who was Prime Minister and later President. Furthermore, in the absence of the equity law, they represented 14.89 per cent of the members of government, 22.75 per cent (43 of 189) of the deputies of the House elected on October 24, 2004, 27.06 per cent of municipal councillors and 18 per cent of the members of the economic and social council. 551 0 obj<>stream Furthermore, from 1999 to 2004 job creation grew 3.21 per cent for women, with an average of 19,000 created each year. It is also stated that: "material harm would be recompensed (to the woman) in the form of a monthly alimony payment... to the level of life to which she was accustomed during married life, here including residence". Courts during this period often interpreted the Code in a restrictive manner, refusing, for example, all right of inheritance for non Muslim women in religiously mixed marriages. Despite several efforts, Bourguiba could not impose the equality of the two sexes in this area, due to the enormous strength of the resistance from the religious leaders. Loi de Promulgation Sommaire Table chronologique: Copyright xilyx press© 2020 xilyx press© 2020 0000004800 00000 n 0000001021 00000 n But then, in behaving this way one destroys at one blow the fervour and veneration that we all owe to the sacred. As early as 1868, Hayreddin Pasha wrote "The Surest Way to an Understanding of the State of Nations" in Arabic. On the morrow, March 19, Ben Ali, during a televised address, publicly asserted his support for the Code. Forums. 0000327980 00000 n Until then women had to accept the husband's prerogative. The new president provided proof of an extreme prudence, seeing that this is the connection that a good part of public opinion based itself in forming its judgment on the new president. Although all feminist projects seeking clear recognition of the two sexes were not carried to term, reforms inclined towards a sharing of authority between the two spouses instead of the exclusive authority of the father. In connection with profession, a new article of the labor code, no. 0000330105 00000 n CODE DU STATUT PERSONNEL Décret du 13 août 1956 (6 moharem 1376), portant promulgation du Code du Statut Personnel. This is the official consolidation. This absence of new reforms can be explained in different ways: the deterioration of the president's health, the delayed reaction of conservatives remaining reserved in the course of preceding decades and the resistance of society shaken to its foundations. Thus, on May 31, public charitable foundations (waqfs) were suppressed, as private ones would be on July 1, 1957. On August 13, 2003, on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the Code, the Tunisian League for Human Rights connected to the ATFD stated: "We consider that the complete equality of women and men remains a basic right. Indeed, although economic growth was not negligible, it did not match other North African countries like Morocco. For Bourguiba, the condition of equality between spouses being impossible to assure, prohibition of polygamy became therefore legitimate.

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