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IMHO, his best film is "The Prestige", because that story perfectly fits his approach to film-making. It's a conceit that feels like one you could just maybe get away with in a Golden Age or Silver Age era comic book. Cinemas will not necessarily play a film at the recommended level of 7 if they feel it is too loud. Cinematography : someone below mentioned that this had a mission impossible feel where the locations dictated the storyline and i agree with this. Critics Consensus: A visually dazzling puzzle for film lovers to unlock, Tenet serves up all the cerebral spectacle audiences expect from a Christopher Nolan production. Once again seizing control of the medium, Nolan attempts to alter the fabric of reality, or at least blow the roof off the multiplexes. There was even an introductory briefing to the big climax (in fact, laying out the plan before seeing it executed is a trope used multiple times in the film) which is supposed to explain everything about the mission, like the fact that there were two teams, one normal and one inverted. This is kinda what I imagined it'd be like, really cool and entertaining but ultimately just Nolan on steroids, probably has a really long third act too. It’s very fire. Cookies help us deliver our Services. That, by the way, isn't a criticism - after all there are very few original ideas left, and those sequences themselves worked pretty well. 71 Share on Reddit; ... Blu-ray Video and Audio Review: Tenet looks flat out gorgeous in 4K, which shouldn’t be surprising when it comes to a Christopher Nolan blockbuster. Tenet ending spoilers follow.. “Tenet” is no holy grail, but for all its stern, solemn posing, it’s dizzy, expensive, bang-up entertainment of both the old and new school. He gives the most entertaining performance in Tenet, investing even hoary cliches like "If I can't have you, no one will" with intensity, and is probably the best thing about it. Any of these review praise the soundtrack? Nolan clearly likes to play with his toys, and is fascinated with the concept of time, whether it be in a non-fantastical genre (Memento, Dunkirk) or science fiction (Inception, Interstellar). Tenet Review. Tenet is not an easy movie to understand. Seek it out, if only to marvel at the entertainingly inane glory of what we once had and are in danger of never having again. Either the emotional throughline or the more conceptual metafictional question could have been better integrated into the story, but both are lost in the storm und drang of Nolan's action sequences and narrative complexity. This is probably his worst for sound mixing. The sound drove me nuts. I've long thought that Branagh is at his best when he's playing bad guys, whether he's hamming it up shamelessly (Wild Wild West) or providing nuance, warmth and appeal to the most horrific of people (Conspiracy). So a bullet might leave a hole in a glass before it's fired. “Somebody wrote the words and actors are saying those lines, so there’s got to be some priority.” He doesn’t know any re-recording artist who would deliberately obscure a story point. To complicate matters, there is a disparity between the environment in which the director hears the final mix of a film and the one in which it is screened. Tenet Review: John David Washington carries the weight of the film. This means that even “a crazy, batshit scene” with numerous layers of sound is easy for a mixer to control. Given how hard Nolan’s blockbuster would be to understand even if all the dialogue was crystal-clear, it is curious that the director has made it doubly difficult to hear the story of a screenplay he supposedly spent five years writing. News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Read more. At its best this is a ride that manages to be viscerally thrilling while still being emotionally and intellectually engaging, all in ways that are truly, uniquely cinematic. Imax expects about 90% of its global network of about 1,400 theaters to be back open by the end of August. And after five months stuck in front of the small screen, maybe being a little overwhelmed is no bad thing. Email. “Hngmmhmmh,” says Pattinson. вЂ�TENET’ Review: Christopher Nolan Finally Jumps The Shark In Arguably His Worst Movie Yet #Tenet. Don't be surprised if a conspiracy theory-minded Nolan fan goes on Reddit, claiming to have found the answers to Inception's ending and if life itself is just a dream on watching Tenet in reverse. These were better handled, but the idea is one we've seen before and so didn't come as a particular surprise (even the movie's title serves as foreshadowing), whether in science fiction short stories (eg Heinlein's "All You Zombies", later adapted as the movie Predestination), comic books (Alan Moore's Chronocops) or other movies (eg Back to the Future). Although I did see the poster and ran across a comment recently that speculated it might be a sequel to Inception. Yes, after months of impossible impossibilities that … The upside to not going to such a screening is that I’m not bound by any embargo; I’m free to scour stray Reddit posts in order to piece together a semblance of Tenet’s plot and climax. I found the time bending made sense in Inception but in this movie it didn't. Well, that and the suits. So much weight has been placed on Christopher Nolan's newest film Tenet that it almost isn't fair. There is a wonderful exchange in Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Tenet, between Robert Pattinson and John David Washington. I also want to know how the soundtrack is. When he watches films or TV shows at home, he turns on the subtitles in case of clarity issues – he is far from the only one – and will limit the TV’s dynamic range. You literally just have to watch it. TLDR: It's a Christopher Nolan movie. There are timeline twists, back-stabs, and more than a few paradoxes. I think it's funny because it seems like some reviewers are just over it. If the film is available in your area please follow local public health guidelines if you chose to see it in the theatre. “Mmghh nmmhhmmmm nghhh,” replies Washington. Don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us. Marvellous. His narrative structures are often complex, even convoluted, to illustrate his films' premise. The intent of this review is not to encourage or discourage anyone from attending a theatrical screening at this specific time. No one could possibly mistake “Tenet” as being by anyone but Christopher Nolan. The world is more than ready for a fabulous blockbuster, especially one that happens to feature face masks and chat about going back in time to avoid catastrophe. Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster is already infamous for its barely audible exchanges. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Maybe it's possible that Christopher Nolan has been put on this earth just to provide an excessively interesting retirement for Michael Caine. Beatty realised that projectionists, not directors, have final say on a film. Walked away confused and so did most of my group. Rotten Tomatoes: 78% (41 reviews) with 6.98 in average rating. But it’s hard to escape the sense that less might have been more. This has been corrected. Altogether, it makes for a chilly, cerebral film — easy to admire, especially since it's so rich in audacity and originality, but almost impossible to love, lacking as it is in a certain humanity. Tenet review: Christopher Nolan's thriller is a palindromic dud, Rain is sizzling bacon, cars are lions roaring: the art of sound in movies | Jordan Kisner. But in a story that, like most Nolan movies, is ostensibly grounded in reality (something that was one of the defining aspects of his Batman movies for instance), it just doesn't come across as plausible. No other artform could quite present such a collision of time, place, idea and emotion, and it’s clear that Nolan’s pure intent is to give us the utmost of what this medium can uniquely provide. For me, it was "Inception." Oct 25, 2017 5,290 Atlanta, GA. Aug 18, 2020 #37 ... review … As with other movies, the scores are set to change as time passes. Half the dialogue was unintelligible. Also the sound mixing issues and the lack of clear dialogue has to be addressed, i don't know how you can nail great action, soundtrack (which this has) and keep missing this, extremely frustrated and only added more to my confusion. I found it very hard to follow what was going on. It did so partly by becoming bigger and louder. Facebook. In this case it involves the question of who is the protagonist (rather awkwardly actually put in those terms: "I'm the protagonist of this story" is an actual line in the film). There are some nods at both in Tenet. (In cinemas the dynamic range – the range between the loudest and quietest sounds – is wider than on home TV screens, and, although the sound is compressed in the transition to TV, the range can still be so wide that you are forced to turn up the volume for dialogue, then down again for action. here is a wonderful exchange in Christopher Nolan’s latest film. But ultimately, this sequence just failed to cohere for me, and I watched with detached interest at best, and boredom at worst. I'd avoided the trailers (not intentionally, just haven't been to the cinema in the last few months, don't watch TV with ads, and don't generally seek trailers out online), and wasn't even sure what genre it was. These include, in no particular order: playing with the concept of time and narrative chronology, a hallway fight that demonstrates the central "gimmick" of the movie, characters talking about their backstory, interspersed with very brief flashbacks showing us what they're saying (really leaning into the "flash" in flashback), men in tailored suits and slicked back hair, men in masks, making it difficult to understand what they're saying (although it's not as bad in Tenet as Bane in TDKR before they went and adjusted his sound mix), an, at times, overpowering soundscape (music and sound design), a dearth of female characters (I counted four women with speaking lines, three of whom are there for exposition, and only two of whom have any significant screen time), the central emotional throughline (such as it is) expressed primarily by the main female character through her relationship with the main character, elaborate heists, or heist-like action set pieces featuring planes, cars, trucks and automatic weapons - nothing is ever simple in a Nolan movie, an opening sequence that serves as an audition of sorts, the idea of death being an escape out of an alternate reality (not really the major plot point in Tenet that it was in Inception, but it comes into play early on for a bit). Armed with only one word, Tenet, and fighting for the survival of the entire world, a Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real-time. Member. Just came out of this film in Australia. But after I’ve seen it four or five more times, maybe I’ll change my mind. Or rather do be, and savour it. But I wish he had used it to better tell either an emotional story or a more thematic one. In a 2019 Reddit AMA, sound designer Richard King – who has worked with Nolan on seven films, including Tenet – said: “He wants to grab the audience by the lapels and pull them toward the screen, and not allow the watching of his films to be a passive experience.”, It’s hard to imagine that Nolan is unaware of the criticism. An earlier version incorrectly said the dynamic range of TVs was “more extreme” than in cinemas. I can't recall watching a film like this and throwing my hands up in the air. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is a mysterious movie, one I can’t possibly explain, at least not without a dozen more viewings. Christopher Nolan directed a technically impressive, emotionally cold movie? Previous 'The Devil All The Time' Review. Italy looked gorgeous and a place i wanted to return to due to this. He's always watchable as a villain no matter how good, bad or mediocre the surrounding movie. But I think Tenet ends up being too clever (or silly) for its own good. Twitter. It is an analysis of the work itself for posterity. I can’t even explain it. Tenet is one of those movies that must've felt like a great idea in the writing process but really didn't come through on screen. But while it does tread new ground, Tenet is the ‘safest’ film from Christopher Nolan in some years. 0. The other was the climax, which quite frankly I thought was a mess. Tenet is a cerebral experience and I left knowing I loved it but didn't totally understand everything. By. Press J to jump to the feed. Still cant wait to see it however, first movie in the cinema for what seems like ages. Listen to Apocalypse Now – you hear everything.” Price agrees: “If you watch old movies, you might hear some sound effects here and there but now they go nuts: somebody’s walking across the room in a leather jacket, you hear the zippers clink and the creak of the leather and every footstep is right in your face.”, When television became commonplace in the mid-20th century and challenged cinema’s dominion, cinema needed to distinguish itself; it needed to prove that it could justify people leaving the comfort of their homes. Random thoughts: the opening sequence seems inspired by the 2002 Moscow terrorist hostage crisis, and one of the characters' homes, an Indian billionaire, seems clearly modelled on this real-life home of an actual Indian billionaire. "Tenet" is big and ambitious, but Nolan is more caught up in his own machinations than ever before. Because the device I think is essentially only there to allow Nolan to put an unusual spin the big action sequences. Scenes would be very loud and you could hardly hear any of the dialogue. It's not. And there are many action sequences, most of them heists of some sort, all delivered in typical Nolan style: technically assured, eschewing visual effects in favour of practical effects when possible (there's one involving a Boeing 747 and I'm willing to bet that Nolan used a real plane instead of CGI), but also sometimes confusing. Or a car might find itself flipped on a road before it's flipped. ... Facebook 0 Twitter Reddit Tumblr 0 Likes. WhatsApp. IM SHOCKED!! It’s a real shame Tenet isn’t it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The "gimmick" in the story is expressed through the conceit of "inverted" objects, objects sent back in time and which - upon arrival - somehow run backwards in contravention to normal entropy. Right now, as it belatedly crashes a dormant global release calendar, it seems something of a time inversion in itself. This made what is an already confusing movie even harder to follow. This review is not meant to encourage people to take risks, but since I am one of the first people in the world to actually be able to see a first run movie I thought it would be good to share my experience. Mathew Price is a production sound mixer who has worked on The Sopranos and The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. Twitter. It shares many traits with Inception and/or other Christopher Nolan films. Tenet (M, 151 mins) Directed by Christopher Nolan **½ . вЂ�Tenet’ Review: Christopher Nolan’s Long-Anticipated Time Caper Is a Humorless Disappointment "Tenet" is big and ambitious, but Nolan is more caught up in … As with most problems, every department assumes that another department is to blame. Soundtrack/Sound mixing : like i said outside of the issues with dialogue in parts to this movie which did hurt it my god the rest was fantastic, opening scene in particular was pulse racing. Mumblecore … Robert Pattinson and John David Washington in Tenet. In an era – and a pandemic – in which home streaming dominates, cinema may be forced to pull out the stops once more. Price believes the problem is partly that modern directors have so many more tracks to play with, causing “track overload”, the result being that “the dialogue gets short shrift a lot of the time”. As the above list might suggest, Tenet felt familiar. This is a film that will cause many to throw up their hands in bamboozlement – and many more, I hope, to clasp theirs in awe and delight. CRISTOPHER NOLAN?? We heard all the lines. Like the films are made by scientists. Time has run out. Tenet (2020) Loved the concept, construction and execution. 'Tenet' Review Thread Rotten Tomatoes : 78% (41 reviews) with 6.98 in average rating Critics Consensus: A visually dazzling puzzle for film lovers to unlock, Tenet serves up all the cerebral spectacle audiences expect from a Christopher Nolan production. Everyone is fine or better. They're often one of the best parts of Nolan films. A sentence detailing how cinemas judge which Dolby level to use has also been clarified. Meanwhile, I'll post some short reviews on the movie. Nolan devotees will still get a kick out of Tenet’s cerebral ideas and no doubt forgive its overloaded climax, while the more casual cinemagoer will get plenty of bang for their buck amid its vast visuals (cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema drenches the Nordic location in cool slate greys, while one clifftop shot of the Amalfi Coast is utterly beguiling). Sound engineer Ron Bochar, who was nominated for an Oscar for his mixing on Moneyball, thinks so. “I think we’re bombarded,” Paul Markey, a projectionist at the Irish Film Institute, says of modern films. Price suspects the director wants to make the audience work harder to understand the dialogue; he thinks Nolan believes this will make the film a more immersive, engaging experience. Nolan outsmarted himself on this one. The result is that as impressive as the craftsmanship and originality of Tenet is, other aspects of the movie prove to be frustrating. There were other sequences where we revisit previous scenes from another perspective. In other words, say what you will about the tenets of Tenet, at least it has an ethos. Still confused? ReddIt. I don’t think that was just your cinema. The sheer meticulousness of Nolan’s grand-canvas action aesthetic is enthralling, as if to compensate for the stray loose threads and teasing paradoxes of his screenplay — or perhaps simply to underline that they don’t matter all that much. It’s a challenging, ambitious and genuinely original film packed with compelling performances – Washington and Debicki are especially excellent – which confirms Nolan as the master of the cerebral blockbuster. I think Nolan is aware of this, cause he lampshades it by having a Doctor Exposition tell the main character (and us) that he (we) shouldn't try to make sense of it. But it isn’t just Nolan’s films. “The more expensive movies have got, the more of a bombardment they become on your senses.”. Despite this, it remains more interesting than most other tentpole movies and acts as a beacon for the director’s strengths. That's certainly true of Tenet, and not unusual in a story involving time travel. We know how to do it.” This means that Nolan’s use of noisier Imax cameras in Tenet would not explain the problem, as some have suggested. Tenet is not Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, but it is another thrilling entry into his canon. by Eric Ital 2 months ago Facebook. Big, bold, baffling and bonkers. Although many viewers claim that films are getting louder, Bochar says that the opposite is the problem: “All of us in the industry will tell you point-blank that generally every single cinema is playing it lower than it should be.” A studio’s reference level tends to be around 85 decibels, or 7 on the Dolby scale, he says.

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