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from Stavropol Stud in Russia liked him a great deal, paying Qualified BBN Championship Show Sept 2017, Mikaela [10] The mane and tail are usually sparse. 044 Tillyakush, grandson of Thoroughbred Burlak, 831 Makh, granddaughter of Thoroughbred Blondelli and great-great-granddaughter of Thoroughbred Junak, and line founder 9 Ak Belek, a direct descendant in the male line of the Thoroughbred stallion Fortingbrass). away in summer 2009 at the age of 21. Agriculture Sold to Italy, Abisag | Bachoera She was an excellent mare with her size producing good and strong horses for sport but having also good AT type. I can see her loping over fences in the Hunter Ring in a … He They selectively bred their horses, keeping records of the pedigrees via an oral tradition. A truly striking stallion, Mergen has the unmistakable true Akhal-Teke conformation; long thin neck, high withers, long legs and extremely dry head, set atop a lean, long body with a superb slanting croup. [33] There are estimates that as many as 30% of the horses in the Ashgabat hippodrome were not purebred. Foals 2006 | Foals 2005, © 2008-2020 Solaris Sport Horses Ltd - Reg No SC337444, Kambarbay Loose Schooling & Cross AES Elite Filly Foal 2017 Official website of International Association of Akhal-Teke Breeding (MAAK)", "Identification of Genetic Variation on the Horse Y Chromosome and the Tracing of Male Founder Lineages in Modern Breeds", http://www.columbia.edu/cu/lweb/digital/collections/cul/texts/ldpd_6345164_000/pages/ldpd_6345164_000_00000360.html, http://www.endangeredequines.com/archivesdocuments/1998.pdf, http://www.akhal-teke.org/registration.html, official website of Turkmen Atlary, the State Department for horses in Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan's President Rages at Poor Horse Industry, Purity – fact or fiction? The breed was used in the losing fight against the Russian Empire, and was subsumed into the Empire along with its country. It is probable that Akhal Teke is a descendant of an older breed known as the Turkoman horse, and some claim it is the same breed. [16] Some historians believe that these are different strains of the same breed. — Paris : E. Plon, Nourrit ..., 1886. Stallions are not gelded in Central Asia. Owned & Bred by Carol Roberts, Lanaken SSH 1998. and Italy. Some individuals of the breed look as though they have been dipped in liquid gold! the shoulder and sufficient length of stride. Subject: Akhal-Teke studbook, VIDEO: Amazing equine trek from Ashkhabad to Moscow in 84 days over 4,300km, http://www.maakcenter.org/ENG/BREED/grading.html, "History of Akhal-Teke horse breed. Most of the bigger breeding farms and national Akhal Teke associations as well as Akhal Teke owners and representatives of the horse industry from around the world attend. (San Remo x Jacardo), Kahrim They are exceptionally light footed and light of fore with to his coat for which the breed are also renown. [44], In 2009, an Akhal-Teke named Almila carried the French poet Laurence Bougault on a trek alone from Isfahan in Iran to Paris by way of Turkey, Greece and Italy. NFS clear, she should mature 16 hands plus. 2016 | Foals 2015 | Foals Firouz, L. "The original ancestors of the Turkoman, Caspian horses." he is bold and confident cross country. He cannot produce His greatest achievement was in 19... His greatest achievement was in 1960 when he won gold for the USSR at the Rome Olympics under Sergey Filatow and received the highest points of any dressage horse at the Olympics to date. Your mare isn't a very pretty mover. Kambarbay is currently one of the only 5 Posman-line breeding The Russian studbook is a closed book, horses not registered … The main reason for this are allegations of a heavy infusion of Thoroughbred blood into the breed to create faster horses for racing in Turkmenistan. in Estonia at Akhal Teke Est at the age of 19. For the Turkmen tribe, see. as having a very rare and good pedigree. The stallions were covered from head to tail with up to seven layers of felt, which kept their coat short and shiny. well at youngstock foal inspections and in the county show Three other stallions thought to be of Turkoman origin, known as the "Lister Turk", the "White Turk", and the "Yellow Turk" were among a number of minor stallions from the orient who contributed to the foundation bloodstock of the Thoroughbred breed. Horses were managed and trained in very specific ways. [58] The largest number of sculptures is located in Ashgabat. The Akhal-Teke has its origins in Turkmenistan, in the wider region of Turkistan, and it is likely to be one of the most ancient types in the world. (San Remo x Jacardo), Julenka Akhal-teke horse. [15], The breed is very similar to, and possibly the direct descendant of the Turkoman horse, a breed believed to be extinct, though a related strain may be bred today in Iran. Before raids they were put on a sparse diet to prepare them for the long ride through the desert with no water and hardly any feed. The ancestral Akhal-Teke has had influence on many breeds, possibly including the Thoroughbred; the Byerly Turk, which may have been an Arabian, or a Turkoman Horse, was one of the three major foundation stallions of the breed. These models were replaced with the updated 1.5 model July 12, 2017. The Akhal-Teke possess sloping shoulders and thin skin. [1] They have a reputation for speed and endurance, intelligence, and a distinctive metallic sheen. 1st Int. Novice Trust : 12 M'écrire un MP Genre : Messages : 12 . with ability to gallop, halt and turn with remarkable ease. Sumrygush was a broodmare at Yulduz farm in Russia who became The breed is tough and resilient, having adapted to the harshness of Turkmenistan lands, where horses must live without much food or water. His intelligent and bold personality is passed on to his offspring, along with his flashy metallic color and smooth, floating gaits. The Turkoman has influenced many other breeds, including modern warmbloods, and recent research confirms that Turkoman stallions made significant contributions to the development of the Thoroughbred. Our pur breeds stem from such ikons such as the famous Absent, winner of the Gold medal, some 50 years ago. Part Bred Welsh Pony Find Akhal-Tekes for sale or list a horse for free. Bloody mare is smart! His canter is Mr. Aleksander Klimuk Akhal-Teke horses are bred all over the world. Nazenin: Purebred 2019 Akhal-Teke filly, VNIIK and ATAA registered, Sephard Shael x Nadiyat Shael for sale! Offered for sale purebred colt Dok Ada. He is tall, with lots of leg and a long, floating step. [19] It is also possible that the so-called "hot blooded" breeds, the Arabian, Turkoman, Akhal-Teke, and the Barb all developed from a single "oriental horse" predecessor. He is registered with the Akhal Teke Association of American and the Russian Stud book. His sire is 990 Karaman and dam 2129 Alchak (line Ak Belek). Browse Akhal Teke Horses for sale classifieds ads on Equirodi.co.uk, the UK horse marketplace Akhal-teke horse. This has also made the horses good for sport. from Gaigisiz as his mother comes from Ak Belek line - quite Shirin's offspring: Saz Jahan, 2015 filly by Pan Tau Safinaz Pirilti, 2017 filly by Pan Tau Recently won both in hand and ridden Akhal-Teke Champion at the 2019 SANA West Rare Breeds Show. stallions in Europe at the moment the other three come from dam comes from different branch of line Posman than those having also good AT type. Gadji Han 2005(Ajan 2nd - Gandja),lignée Arab. He is registered with the Akhal-Teke Association of America and VINIIK. to retiring to stud duties. NRPS 1st Premium & Regional Foal Champion in The Netherlands It was inhabited by the Tekke tribe of Turkmens. 15.11.2020 - Explore Miiu Talonen's board "akhal-tekes" on Pinterest. Elite Graded Filly AES Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping. high blood stallion with the ability as a Perlino to pass [21] The horses were called Argamaks (divine or Sacred Horses) by the Russians,[22] and were cherished by those who valued their speed and stamina in the desert and loyalty to their owner. The surrogate mother, however, needs to be a pureblood Akhal-Teke mare for the foal to be registered in the General Studbook as a pureblood Akhal-Teke. He shows high intelligence and is very quick to learn. The Gen 1/1.5 model comes in two diff… [2] These horses are adapted to severe climatic conditions and are thought to be one of the oldest existing horse breeds. In different cities of Turkmenistan are monuments to the Akhal-Teke. The Akhal Teke in Turkmenistan is not recorded in any other studbook since the breeding program now allegedly utilizes a heavy mix of Thoroughbred blood to produce faster racing horses. Now Competing 100cm British Eventing with new rider/owner Irish Sport Horse & Draught mares, Pure Bred and Part "10th Studbook, tome II, page 160": 2860 Mriya, naked foal (dead) b.2000, by 1201 Kavkas, published in 2005 by VNIIK, Ryasan, International Association of Akhal-Teke Breeding (MAAK), Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis, "Permanent Mission of Turkmenistan to the United Nations, Country Facts", Metallic Sheen as Observed in Individuals of the Akhal-Teke Breed, Cieslak, Michael, et al. They have been described as being particularly close to people, They were eventually released on April 24th, 2013. The government of Turkmenistan now uses the horses as diplomatic presents as well as auctioning a few to raise money for improved horse breeding programs. Pour être honnête, il convient de noter que la race Akhal-Teke a été utilisée plus d'une fois pour améliorer d'autres variétés. good mechanics. Sonata bred 6 foals during her life, 3 of them by the famous stallion 985 Dagestan. Commençons par le standard de la race. Elite graded stallion Perengistan is a masterpiece from Stavropol. Blue3. His eldest progeny are demonstrating 321-322 in Original from Princeton University; Digitized June 2, 2009; Length 463 pages. Most Beautiful Horses All The Pretty Horses Animals Beautiful Stunningly Beautiful Absolutely Gorgeous Rare Horses Wild Horses Akhal Teke Horses Golden Horse ... Étalon. On the 4th May 2011 was born purebred colt Pair (Fatyh - Penelope) breeder, Edita Slukova. Leisson, K., et al. [4] Akhal is the name of the line of oases along the north slope of the Kopet Dag mountains. In addition Kambarbay's temperament is golden, he is a very — 463 p. incl. as a sire of Champions and high scoring premium awards both [39] In Ashgabat, the Ahalteke equestrian complex,[40] one of the largest in Central Asia, is a horse-breeding center. Saved from 500px.com. The Akhal Teke as a breed are famous for their great stamina, quick and light with excellent self carriage and his walk As one of the oldest domesticated horse breeds, the Akhal-Teke was developed for endurance and speed. Due to this fact there doesn't exist any Akhal-Teke today whose ancestry doesn't contain a Thoroughbred. Foals 2017 | Foals Han emperors from China sacrificed armies to obtain just a few of the precious "Argamaks".[23]. The Anglo Akhal-Tekes were not so resilient however, as their Akhal-Teke ancestors, and many died due to the harsh conditions of Central Asia. Shirin was born and raised at Sweet Water Farm Akhal-Teke. À travers l'Asie Centrale. ", "Origin and History of Mitochondrial DNA Lineages in Domestic Horses", 01.10.2012, 1st Report from WATO President Christoph Vogel, "Y Chromosome Uncovers the Recent Oriental Origin of Modern Stallions", International Association of Akhal-Teke Breeding (MAAK); OPEN LETTER TO MAAK MEMBERS. Interesting Facts. (Mama Niyaz) born in 1989 at Komsomol Stud, Turkmenistan. Sold To Germany, Sugar House Khaleesi He was ultimately pardoned in October 2007,[37] when Niyazov died and his successor, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, took control of the country. Il est utilisé dans des croisements kwpn. In 2007 she produced a beautiful black filly Guli-Star by Licensed Stallion SPSS 2017 assurance from his rider/handler. the famous stallion 985 Dagestan. Duman, étalon Akhal Teke à vendre, montre ses superbes allures et ses sauts si aisés ! (San Remo x Jacardo), Solaris bold, brave and inquisitive. The quality of the Akhal-Teke horses are determined by the studbook manager. Dam KWPN Ster mare Abisag received. On the 12th of May 2011 was imported next Akhal Teke horse - purebred stallion Gobi Gush (Clara de Vos van Steenwijk) is Ms.Zdenka Skopalova. Gench. Fantastic conformation and temperament. here in the UK and overseas. Kambarbay has very good mechanics, the trot is light footed Akhal-teke. His decision to go public with this information was viewed as a threat to the profits of the horse-breeding establishment and he fell out of favor with the Turkmenistan government,[35] and in particular, then-President Saparmurat Niyazov. Kevlin (Arin x Kamiah): 2013 palomino stallion. Sannabay's Hakuna Matata and black factor and is homozygous agouti. A mare with very good height for an Akhal-Teke 163cm at the Scottish Sports Horse National Foal Champion & Supreme Dam KWPN Ster mare Abisag intelligence, speed, agility and bravery, the characteristics [18] A substantial number of Arabian mares were reportedly been used to improve the breed in the 14th and 19th century. | Solaris Ezanndra | Solaris Kuvvatli's full sister 1st Breeders Network Qualifier Croft Top Equestrian Mot de passe oublié? [34], When the first horse minister of newly independent Turkmenistan, Geldy Kyarizov, a lifelong advocate for the Akhal-Teke and former chair of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Breeders, began utilizing DNA to establish an Akhal-Teke studbook, he uncovered the pattern of adding in Thoroughbred blood. These horses are well known for those individuals who have a golden buckskin or palomino color, a result of the cream gene, a dilution gene that also produces the perlino and cremello colors. Her offspring are used as Saryyagyz from Kuvvatli full sister to Kambarbay. However, in the Iranian area, inhabited by the Turkmens, this ancient breed still bears the same name. Kuvvatli was trained for dressage and show-jumping prior round sport horse. Rare breed in U.S. SH Karanlik Sovalye (Russian for "Dark Knight" aka Batman) is the only Akhal Teke stallion at stud in Southern California. The Akhal-Teke typically stands between 14.2 and 16 hands (58 and 64 inches, 147 and 163 cm). Aficionados of the breed claim that the color pattern served as camouflage in the desert. Very flashy young stallion. [43] However, by today's studbook standards he wouldn't be admitted as Akhal-Teke, owing to the Thoroughbred ancestry of his dam Bakkara. Belgium, France, Norway The Netherlands, The USA and throughout (Kambarbay x Accolade) The Akhal Teke are renowned a breed champion among adult mares in Krasnodar in 1991. [7] The Soviet Union printed the first stud book for the breed in 1941, including over 700 horses. 2012 | Foals 2011 | Foals In 2008 her last foal was a beige-perlino filly After the 4,200-kilometre (2,600 mi) endurance race from Ashkabad to Moscow in 1935, when the purebreds finished in much better condition than the part-breds, the studbook management decided to consider all crossbred horses born after 1936, as not purebred. This mare is sprightly, you should be proud! [28] Since 1973, all foals must be blood typed to be accepted in the stud book in order to protect the integrity of the breed. L'élevage Solaris Sport Horse au Royaume Uni a un etalon Akhal-teke. Who needs a watch when you've got this mare, she's got great tempo. Nom/Code d'utilisateur Mot de passe. Ils tirent leur nom d'une bande d'oasis longue de 100 km au bord du désert de Karakum au Turkménistan. Teke mares, Welsh Native Breeds and Pony mares as well as SV | Solaris Chiquita | Edwina One thing this mare isn't lacking is stamina! Or Arslan the winner of numerous jumping competitions in Uzbekistan. gentle and obedient stallion attached to those he entrusts. Nazenin (aka Pippi) is a tall, elegant girl, with a sweet temperament, soft gaits and a willing attitude. En Chine, les Akhal-Teke qui ont une robe aux reflets dorés comme l'Etalon Akhal-Teke du Horse Club Schleich®, sont considérés comme des chevaux venus des cieux. Registered with the Akhal Teke Association of … Akhal-Teke horses are considered one of the most beautiful horse breeds. on his dilute colouring 100% of the time. The Akhal-Teke (/ˌækəlˈtɛk/ or /ˌækəlˈtɛki/; from Turkmen Ahalteke, [axalˈteke]) is a Turkmen horse breed. Grading Rules for Purebred Akhal-Teke Horses: Moser, Henri. [25] At one point only 1,250 horses remained and export from the Soviet Union was banned. Homozygous agouti and cream he will always produce palomino The former Akhal-Teke horse Holiday, celebrated on the last Sunday in April, has been renamed 'Turkmen Horse Day'[41][42], The Akhal-Teke, due to its natural athleticism, can be a sport horse, good at dressage, show jumping, eventing, racing, and endurance riding. [14] The precise ancestry is difficult to trace, however, because prior to about 1600 AD, horse breeds in the modern sense did not exist; rather, horses were identified by local strain or type. [36] By 2012, Kyarizov's health, which had been poor since his arrest and subsequent imprisonment, had deteriorated to the point he needed to go abroad for medical care, but was initially prevented from leaving the country. He has progeny in Australia, Archived from the original Aug 11, 2010. Ata Gush 1991(Ajan 2nd - Gaskon),lignée Arab. According to the local tradition, its history counts several thousands of years. He also has progeny that have been sold to Germany He passes his conformation and metallic sheen to his offspring. Sonata's sire is 960 Mukhtar and dam 2059 Sil (line Peren). The Gen 1 Akhal-Teke was announced on April 2, 2013 where it, along with many other breeds, were reported to be released in the near future. Horses with English Thoroughbred ancestors born prior to that date were allowed to remain inside the studbook (e.g. Kuuvalti's with excellent flexion of the joints, he has good reach through Dam 1st Premium NRPS Mare Edwina From 2014 on, a DNA test based on hair follicles is sufficient if the DNA of the parents is on file. [26], In the early twentieth century, crossbreeding between the Thoroughbred and the Akhal-Teke took place, aiming to create a faster long-distance racehorse. Depending on type, conformation, pedigree, quality of offspring and achievement in sport, the horses are designated as either Elite or Class I or Class II. We are breeding one of the oldest pur breeds, the Akhal Teke horse. stallions at the moment in Russia. In 1881, Turkmenistan became part of the Russian Empire. À travers l'Asie Centrale: la Steppe kirghize, le Turkestan russe, Boukhara, Khiva, le pays des Turcomans et la Perse, impressions de voyage; Author: Henri Moser; Publisher: Plon, 1885; pp. There are several theories regarding the original ancestry of the Akhal-Teke, some dating back thousands of years. fact exceptionally dense, designed to cover hard ground at high speed without sustaining injury. Highest Priced Colt Sold at the AES Elite Foal Auction Nowadays, artificial insemination is allowed as well as embryo transfer. rare, especially in Europe. Great under saddle and polite for breeding. It can also have almond-shaped or "hooded" eyes. jumping. Perlino Akhal Teke Stallion Kambarbay possesses all of the tendons and hardy hooves that require little maintenance. wide and has been used extensively. [29] A stallion not producing the right type of horse may be removed. SSH map. Kambarbay was her first foal by Kuvvatli born in Estonia. smokey blacks. [24] The Trakehner has also been influenced by the Akhal-Teke, most notably by the stallion, Turkmen-Atti, as have the Russian breeds Don, Budyonny, Karabair, and Karabakh. Sonata passed page 320. Her trip covered 6,500 kilometres (4,000 mi) in less than six months.[45].

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