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Tyler Lee Hoechlin is an American actor. It soon became clear that it was not Derek, but the Alpha, scaring Scott so much that he quickly got into the car and locked the doors, watching in horror as the Alpha drew a spiral in the condensation with his clawed finger. Erica and Boyd became frightened by the mounting dangers they faced and decided to run away, but were captured by the Argents and later by the Alpha Pack. As the hunters get closer, he and Boyd come from behind the trashcan and take out several of them. Derek S. Hale is a former main character and current guest character on Teen Wolf. However, unlike his uncle Peter, Derek does not look down on humans or believe them to be lesser to supernaturals, because he understands that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses regardless of their species. (Click the images to open the full size versions in a new tab). About Derek Hale: For the Hales, they had to take it one day at a time. When Scott hangs up on Stiles, he throws away the phone and gets Derek from under the water, Stiles becomes too tired to hold both of them up, so the two of them begin to sink but Scott gets there just in time to get them out. It’s not clear, since when she uses werejaguar magic to make de-age him, he still recognizes her. Upon learning that Peter's killing of Laura was premeditated and not an accident like he claimed, Derek teamed up with Peter's first Beta, Scott McCall and his friends, along with Hunters Allison and Chris Argent, to kill him. However, the murder of his sister drove him back. When he was 15, Derek fell in love with a girl named Paige. He went on to instruct Scott to go back to the bus and allow his heightened senses of smell, hearing, sight, and touch to remember for him. In Season 1, Derek is a beta werewolf, in conflict with the Argent family of hunters, a reluctant ally of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, and is searching for an alpha werewolf who murdered his sister, Laura Hale. Derek's personality has gone through more development throughout the seasons than most of the other characters in the series. He disc… Derek's power struggles continued to become even more immense after his packmates were either killed or alienated from him during the Darach and Alpha Pack battles, which made him lose all confidence in himself. Realizing he was making a scene, Derek looked around before quickly leaving the now-injured Jackson in search of Scott once again. Initially earning recognition for starring as Michael Sullivan Jr. in the 2002 film Road to Perdition, Hoechlin went on to star as Martin Brewer on 7th Heaven between 2003 and 2007. Scott immediately began to fight back, but it soon became clear that he wasn't aware of who he was actually fighting for several moments until he's finally slammed onto the ground by Derek, allowing him to see his face as he roared at him. He was prone to threats and anger, and had very little patience for the newly-turned Scott McCall and his teenager-y ways. Derek Hale is a member of the Hale family and was born as a Werewolf. This remark led Derek to inform Scott that he planned to show him just how "nice" the Argents are. Now an alpha, he bites Jackson Whittemore. Born The best result we found for your search is Derek G Hale age 50s in Bel Aire, KS in the Bel Aire neighborhood. Background Checks Instead of answering, Derek pointed out that he should worry less about Derek and more about Scott, as Scott was more likely to not play in the lacrosse game if it was Stiles asking rather than Derek himself. He forces Scott to watch and he explains that this is what they do, he tries to persuade Scott into joining his pack because they'll need each other, he goes on to say by them killing this Werewolf, its the hunters declaring war. ...Except Derek, who's. Danny sees Derek and wants to know who he is, Stiles introduces him as his cousin Miguel, they noticed blood on his shirt and Stiles tells him to change. He plays a major role in defeating Deucalion and Jennifer by outwitting her into using up her power to heal Deucalion's sight, a debt that Deucalion later repays by sending Braeden to free him from the Calaveras at the start of season 3B. He returns to the boy's locker room but this time to talk to Jackson, he challenges Derek, saying he's not afraid but Derek can tell he's lying, he approaches Jackson and offers him the bite and they leave together. Peter is then set on fire by Jackson, Allison and Stiles. As Scott lays beaten on the ground, Derek and his pack walk off. Species Despite his frustration with Scott and Stiles Stilinski, Derek still went out of his way to protect and save them, often at great physical risk to himself. Derek has had romantic/sexual relationships with four women throughout the course of the series: Derek is one of two characters who has been shown to have all three colors of, The other character to have all three eye colors is, The triskelion that is tattooed on his back is considered the symbol for the, Derek's anchor is known to be anger, though it's possible that he has found a new anchor after his personality became more patient and compassionate in the second half of. Peter wants to get Lydia but Derek doesn't believe they have time and he says he will kill Jackson if he gets the chance. In Silverfinger - TBA After learning that Derek had taken Allison home, Scott, now fully transformed and under the incorrect assumption that Derek was the one who turned him, followed Allison's scent into the Beacon Hills Preserve. I was evolving. Though he left town shortly afterward for several weeks, he later returned to Beacon Hills a much more relaxed and content man, and he even eventually joined the McCall Pack. In 3A, Derek finds himself at war with the Alpha Pack, discovers his long-lost younger sister Cora Hale is alive and reunites with her, but is shattered following the deaths of Erica and Boyd. He then gave Scott instructions to find another one of the bullets that the Argents used to shoot him and figure out what kind of wolfsbane it was so he could cure himself of it, a request which Scott reluctantly agreed to perform after Derek insisted that Scott needed him to stay alive in order to help him. Scott and Stiles run out the school doors only to see Erica getting in Derek's car and then pulling off. Kate bragged that the taser gave off nine-hundred-thousand volts before admitting that while the Argents did cut Laura's body in half to prevent her from healing and reviving, they did not actually kill her. Paige Krasikeva (Mercy-kill)Peter Hale (1st time)Jackson Whittemore (2nd time, with Peter)Vernon Boyd (Indirectly) Paige introduced herself. Derek then punched Deaton in the face hard, just as Scott arrived and ordered him to stop, though Derek still hit him once more to knock him unconscious. Shortly after Paige's death, Derek met Kate Argent, who, unbeknownst to him, was an Argent Werewolf Hunter who initiated a love affair with him in order to gain information that could be used to take out his family. He was devastated, broken, and wracked with guilt when he was forced to mercy kill her to spare her an even more painful death from rejecting the bite given to her by Ennis. Deaton feigned ignorance about this topic, so Derek pulled out the flyer that was left on his car earlier and showed it to Deaton, which seemed to jog his memory. He comes loping down the street towards the group then flips and as he rise, his eyes glow red. Peter is severely wounded by the fire, almost dead, his entire body is burned, Derek stands over top of Peter while Scott pleads for him not to but he slashes Peter's throat thus killing Peter. Apparently, Jackson's body is rejecting the bite but Derek has no idea why this is happening. In Frayed - TBA When Scott also accused Derek of killing his sister Laura, Derek angrily informed him that he didn't kill anyone before explaining that his sister went missing, and when he returned to Beacon Hills, he found her cut in half and used as bait to lure him back to town. Whether this hints Derek could become an alpha again at some point in the future or not, it certainly speaks to the prominence of the Hales in Teen Wolf. In Heart Monitor, Derek decided to give Scott and impromptu pop quiz on his training to control his lycanthropy by stalking him to the grocery store parking lot and pretending to be the Alpha chasing after him. These personality traits only became more amplified after he became the Alpha, as the power he gained in conjunction with the fear caused by the Alpha Pack's imminent arrival caused him to behave harshly to the Betas around him, using fear, violence, and pain to try to teach them how to survive the threats to Werewolves in the area. Though they didn't know it, they'd hid in a Nemeton. Matt demands the bestiay because he's becoming a kanima, Derek tells Stiles that the universe balances things out, Matt broke the rules of the kanima and now he's becoming the kanima. Sadly, when she realized that Derek truly didn't know who the Alpha was or where he was hiding, she decided he was useless to her and began firing her gun at him, giving him only seconds to dodge the bullets as he ran into the safety of the woods. Scott became furious when he realized that the scent he followed was just from Allison's jacket, which Derek had hung in a tree, but when he demanded to know what Derek did with Allison, Derek assured him that she was safe from Scott. In Motel California - TBA Derek sends Erica to retrieve Stiles, after doing so, Derek begins to question him on the creature he saw at the mechanic, he describes it as slick looking with dark scales, slit reptilian eyes, sharp teeth, and a tail. He offers her the bite, it will get rid of the side effects, the symptoms and not only would all of that go away, everything else would better, she agrees and his eyes begin to glow red. The idea of losing his dad, as well as his mom, had him clutching his dad’s hand tightly the whole time they were there. This story ultimately resulted in Allison breaking up with Scott, as she could tell Scott was lying (or at least not telling the entire truth) to her and she didn't feel that she could trust him any longer. Tyler Hoechlin (adult)Ian Nelson (teenager) No sense of humor, poor conversationalist... We'll figure this out in a day or two, he goes back to old-Derek, everyone's happy! Once school let out, Derek stumbled into the parking lot, nearly getting hit by Stiles in his Jeep. When he was first introduced, he was a sullen and aggressive Werewolf who was beaten down by grief and survivor's guilt following the Hale House Fire and the murder of his sister, Laura. However, before he could ask anything, Garrison murmured "Hale", making it clear that he recognized Derek. In Monstrous - TBA Though Scott and Stiles were there to both retrieve the inhaler Scott had dropped the night before (as well as to locate the other half of the dead body Scott had stumbled upon before he was bitten), neither offered a solid answer, leading Derek to toss Scott his lost inhaler before walking away. Just give us Derek. There's no one here. One day when he was fifteen, he was practicing basketball in the school hallway with his teammates. He believes that Isaac should be good now on the full moons but chains him up just in case, after doing so, he steps off the car only to be knocked unconscious by Lydia Martin blowing purple wolfsbane in his face. Their favorite spot to escape to was an abandoned distillery outside of Beacon Hills. Derek Hale Answers. After the events of the Deadpool and his surprise development into an Evolved Werewolf, Derek once again left town for a while, where he was presumed to be traveling with his then-lover, Braeden, a mercenary and former U.S. Aliases Derek's eyes were open and unfocused once he landed, and Scott and Stiles, certain that the Alpha had just killed him, rushed inside the school in hopes of surviving this encounter. Scott went behind Derek's back in formulating a plan to stop Gerard by replacing his cancer medication with mountain ash so that he would reject the bite. Derek was then left with Stiles, who assumed he wanted to go home and began to drive him to the Hale House until Derek reminded him that he couldn't go home while he was unable to defend himself. Despite having got off on the wrong foot, Derek entered into a romantic relationship with Paige. When Scott reminded him that he knew that Derek had buried his sister Laura under a rope spiral attached to wolfsbane, Derek finally just sighed and insisted that Scott didn't want to know its meaning before he took off. Select this result to view Derek G Hale's phone number, address, and more. They soon fell in love with each other and spent as much time as they could together, even if it meant that Derek was just watching her practice the cello in the music room. In Time of Death - TBA Derek was content in his relationship with Paige. After getting in the car, he expresses his rage towards to cops for getting in his way and then blames Scott for making him the most wanted man in Beacon Hills. Losing his patience and overwhelmed by the effects of the wolfsbane in his system, Derek accidentally lost control and grabbed Jackson by the back of the neck with his hand, inadvertently piercing his claws into Jackson's spinal cord. In Smoke and Mirrors - TBA. This change in personality came in part due to a conversation he was able to have with his mother's spirit after he used a ritual with Talia's claws to speak with her, an event that he admitted changed his perspective and caused him to see life in a new way. As Stiles is describing this creature, Derek looks up and sees it on the rails, as he pushes Stiles in order to get him out the way, the shapeshifter scratches him on the back of his neck, leaving Derek paralyzed. Derek gets back up, shifts and he along with Scott and Isaac attack Jackson all at once; however, the kanima over powers all of them and it paralyzes Derek once again. Now completely scared, the deputy determined that the job he did examining the house was good enough and left the property. When he got to his car, he sensed a presence nearby and assumed it was Derek following him, so he began apologizing for Allison, claiming that since Derek broke his phone, he at least had to tell her why he wasn't answering. He acknowledged his role in getting Derek arrested, as well as the fact that by doing so, he basically announced to the Hunters that Derek was in town, before bringing up the fact that he now knew what happened to Derek's sister Laura. When Deaton, confused, asked if he could help the young man, Derek asked him about the animal he found with the spiral on its side. Upon finding Scott hiding behind another car, Derek grimly informed him that if this was a real attack, he'd be dead. The boys rushed over to a nearby root cellar to "hide and heal," as was the Werewolf protocol for when they were caught by Hunters and wanted to avoid drawing the danger to the rest of the pack. This chapter is mainly because of age gaps between Derek Hale and whatever love interest people give him. In Letharia Vulpina - TBA Unfortunately for Derek, Kate whipped out a cattle-prod taser and used it to shock Derek in the abdomen, and he fell to the floor in spasms. According to Peter and Derek, the kanima was only in its beta stage and the alpha stage is not only bigger and badder but it also has wings, they see an animation of the alpha form and decide to meet Isaac and Scott with the body. Aw, come on! After these incidents, Derek expresses most of his emotions as anger and displays symptoms of PTSD. After Scott returned home, he found Derek waiting for him in his bedroom, having somehow figured out that Scott had a run-in with the Alpha and wasting no time in interrogating him about it. Laura and Derek (Siblings-Sister/Brother), Derek and Araya (Enemies, Tentative Truce). Look at me, I'm teaching you how to survive". Basic Information Full Name Derek [TBD] Hale Age 27 Species Werewolf Gender Male Sexual Orientation Unknown: Alias(s) Miguel Physical Attributes Height 6' Weight 190 lbs of muscle and stubble Eye Color Magical Rainbow of greens and blues and a bit of brown Hair Color Black Skin Color They hid in a tree root cellar for two days. Derek went on to argue that this is what the Argents do and that Allison would one day be just like them, even despite Scott's uninformed suggestion that they must have had a reason. He reaches an underpass but the creature is nowhere in sight, it jumps down from behind him and they begin to fight. The next day, Derek went to Beacon Hills High School to look for Scott, where he looked pale, sweaty, and generally ill as he stumbled through the halls. As Tyler Hoechlin was unavailable due to scheduling issues, this was re-written to use Peter instead. As he prepares for the full moon, Derek is chaining them up, he's putting a modified headband with nails embedded in it on Erica's head because she'll be able to withstand more pain. Derek sacrifices his alpha status and power to heal a dying Cora who had been poisoned by Jennifer. It is rather striking that red was chosen after featuring Derek's blue wolf eyes in the first three covers and wearing a blue hoodie in the fourth. Derek's concerned because they have to worry about including the hunter, the unknown shapeshifter and the upcoming full moon, so he has to teach him as much as he can as fast as possible. Upon his release, Derek went to the lacrosse field to see if Scott had played or not and watched Jackson Whittemore pick up Scott's lacrosse glove, which had several cuts in the fingertips due to Scott's claws. Derek is deeply hurt by Scott betraying and dehumanizing him in 2x12 Master Plan which contributes to his change in demeanor and his reluctance to involve Scott at the start of season 3 after Erica and Boyd are captured by the alpha pack. They tell Derek that they must have heard at least a dozen Werewolves but Derek explains the Beau Geste effect, if wolves modulate their sound with a rapid shift in tone, two wolves can sound like twenty. Derek Hale est interprété par Tyler Hoechlin et sa voix est doublé en français par Stéphane Pouplard. It’s Not Known If Smaller Packs Of Their Family Still Exist. This immediately shocked Derek, but when Scott asked him what he was so worried about, Derek clammed up and lied that it was nothing. In Frenemy, moments later after discovering that Lydia is not the kanima, Derek is chasing it down the street, the kanima seems to be slightly faster than him. Once the deputy was out of sight, Scott came out of the woods and called for Derek to come out. At some point near the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005, while Derek and Laura were at school, Kate and her co-conspirators set fire to the Hale House while the majority of his family was trapped inside. No one cares that you drive an expensive car, no one cares that you have perfect hair and no one cares that you're captain of the lacrosse team.". In More Bad Than Good - TBA In Tattoo - TBA Derek follows up with another question, asking why Deaton is even there, he replies that helping Derek's Family use to be a important part of his life but he's helping Derek because of a promise he made to Talia Hale. In I.E.D. In 117 - TBA Derek Hale est un personnage récurrent protagoniste de la série télévisée Teen Wolf. Season 2 cover - Derek's transformed hand holding a strip of pictures of him and Kate. To avenge Laura's death and prevent Scott from dealing with the burden of being an alpha when he didn't even want to be a werewolf, he kills the alpha, his uncle Peter Hale. In Lunatic, on the night of a full moon, Derek appeared out of nowhere in order to stop Scott from attacking Jackson and Allison in an uncontrolled frenzy, picking the younger Beta up and throwing him down a hill to put distance between him and Allison and Jackson while also putting them out of sight. Au départ Loup-garou Bêta, il devient ensuite un Alpha et a fondé sa propre meute, avant de devenir un Loup-garou Omega neutre, puis évolué. Derek eventually overheard Allison and Lydia talking in the adjacent hallway about how Allison and Scott would be hanging out at the Argent House after school and realized his situation was dire enough that he needed to find Scott and get his help as soon as possible. Derek hears the alarm goes off and he enters the holding cells just in time to destroy the syringe containing the Wolfsbane. With the help of a newly resurrected Peter they find out how to turn Jackson from a kanima into a werewolf. Although he is no longer a teen by the time the show starts, he was a teen at the time of the events surrounding the fire and played basketball just like Scott Howard from the film. As Isaac is being taken away in a sheriff's vehicle, Derek pulls up and tells Scott to get in but he refuses due to all of this happening because of Derek, he admits fault and explains that they have to get to the Lahey house before the cops do because whatever Jackson told them, they'll find something a lot worse in the house. It was the power that Paige's life force gave the Nemeton that allowed Julia Baccari, later known as Jennifer Blake, to survive her wounds at Kali's hands until she was found by the police, an ironic turn of events since Derek would later engage in a romantic relationship with her. In Currents - TBA Scott is surprised to learn that Derek is on Peter's side even after he killed Laura, Derek says that it was a mistake, it happens, he watches as Peter uses memory transference to show Scott all of his memories. In Alpha Pact, Derek forfeited his Alpha status in order to heal Cora from mistletoe poisoning, returning him to Beta status. Image:, @tylerhoechlin ... From the age of 9, Tyler Hoechlin has won and been nominated for various awards in the entertainment industry. Supernatural Information Deaton continued to play dumb and informed him that the key to the narcotic cabinet was in his jacket pocket, but Derek emphasized that he didn't want drugs-- he wanted to know why Deaton was lying. They go to the hospital to find Melissa, Stiles stumbles upon the room of Peter Hale but he's not there, Derek soon realizes that Peter is the Alpha. He's going to get the bite and then kill Derek to become an alpha but his plan backfires, Scott put Mountain Ash in his pills which after getting the bite cause Gerard to spew black ooze. Unbeknownst to Derek, however, the root cellar was actually built around the roots of the Nemeton, a powerful tree used as a sacred meeting place for Druids. In De-Void - TBA Before they could fully identify each other, the Hunters caught up with them and shot the Beta through the neck with an arrow. He watched as the deputy, who was clearly unsettled by the sight of the house, debated whether or not to go inside. Isaac wants to know if they're done with training for the day because his bones need to heal, Derek softly approaches him and aggressively breaks Isaac arm saying "You think I'm teaching you how to fight, huh? Scott, snapped out of his frenzy, sadly asked what was happening to him, and Derek grimly responded, "Exactly what he wants to happen," implying that Scott was doing exactly as the Alpha intended. When Derek demanded to know how he knew him, Garrison began apologizing several more times before his heart, which had begun to race, gave out, causing him to die right in front of Derek. He remembered empathising with Derek, with all of the Hale ‘weres to be fair, because he knew what it felt like to lose your mom.

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