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Isolation concept is extremely popular in basketball and this shows how Pep is universal in his methods and learning process. He is known for his willingness to implement new tactical systems that other, more conservative managers would shy away from. Being able to play football in a such stylish way and win trophies. He also drops in as auxiliary centre-back for Jerome Boateng whenever necessary. Some of the pressing triggers that Barcelona used, depending on the opposition, were: The picture above shows that the team’s high pressure is passing-lane oriented. The jury is still out on the two new systems, but one thing is for sure, the pace has quickened up considerably; the build-up is not as slow as what it was last year and the new formation allows for greater gamut of changes through one single game as seen against Manchester City in their Champions League opener where Alaba went from playing left centre-back in a back-three, to left wingback to the left of a midfield diamond in the space of about 45 minutes. Add Messi to this trio, who drops into midfield, you get the diamond that managed to dominate European teams with their exquisite passing and intelligent positioning. Josep Guardiola intègre La Masía, le centre de formation du FC Barcelone, le 28 juin 1984 en provenance du Gimnàstic de Manresa.. À partir de 1991, Johan Cruyff le sélectionne comme milieu central de l'équipe première. Ribery and Robben were forced to make the unnatural shift to receiving the ball and quickly giving it back, instead of venturing forward to take on the defenders which took the destructive nature out of Bayern’s attacks. David Villa would take up Henry’s role out wide on the left after the Frenchman’s departure, and Pedro would take up the wide right position. Publié le 10 décembre 2020 à 23h00 par D.M. If either of Dante or Boateng got drawn out wide on the right, Badstuber would deputise in their positions and Bernat would drop further back to take Badstuber’s place. Xavi played behind the front three as the deep-lying playmaker and Busquets played the roles of anchor-man and Xavi’s wingman, always moving with him, protecting him from opposing defenders and acting as a foil to receive and spray passes. His forward menace also managed to keep the opposition left-back pinned down in his own half. Rewinding the events to the summer preceding the 2010/2011 season; Spain had just lifted their first World Cup ever boasting the most talented Spaniards their fans had witnessed in years. The three superiority categories mentioned above are a main factor in being able to achieve a smooth ball circulation to kill the game. This means that the players will mark some but leave others open as bait for the opposition to pass to them, in case those specific players are weaker than others in terms of technical quality. M. C. Torres 05/04/2015 0 The number of players … The name Guardiola does not merely represent a man any more; it has come to represent a faith, a belief, a philosophy; one that has delivered success on a consistent basis at the highest level. The forward line played according to the movements of Müller. On top of them stood Bernat, Alonso and Lahm. Best images from El Clasico as Real Madrid beat Barcelona. The overlying emphasis of this formation was to always have three central midfielders on the pitch at any point of time. When I mentioned that “numbers are of least importance” for Pep, I meant that there is no way the team remains structured in a 4-3-3 in all phases of the game. Here the opposition commits 6 players and decides to press Valdes. The system also helps for the cover of Kroos with Alonso now playing Lahm’s role from last year allowing the captain to operate further up the pitch in the right side of a diamond with Alonso bottom, Alaba left and Götze at the tip. Guardiola, who also claimed that “Barca didn’t do tiki-taka! The area targeted will be the furthest diagonal point away from the ball where a skillful winger would be waiting for the switch. Fabregas enabled Pep to play the striker-less formations, the conventional 4-4-2 with Messi and Pedro/Sanchez up front, and the 4-1-3-2 with him playing in a midfield three with Iniesta and Xavi and Pedro, and Sanchez either side of Messi up front. Under Pep Guardiola the club still play 4-3-3 even though before the start of his reign many thought a diamond formation to accommodate … KEY FEATURES AND OVERVIEW - High defensive line Valdes will be utilized to escape the press as he is the spare man thus creating 6 vs 5 with the full-backs being the potential outlets after Valdes receives the pass from Busquets. It involved the full-backs playing almost as midfielders and with Lahm’s solidity no longer present at right-back, it exposed Bayern, who played a high defensive line, to individual mistakes and long passes. In that game, Barcelona reached its peak as they dodged United’s high pressing and physicality with a swift footballing display that ensured its presence on the Juego de Posición’s Hall of Fame. Author: Jonathan Wilson Publish date: Sep 6, 2011. The pinnacle of the 2010/11 season was the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final against Manchester United, a match which many considered a testimony of awe-inspiring display from a club at the highest footballing level featuring 8 players from the famous La Masia. Bernat played as a left winger almost when in possession, but would drop back in front of Badstuber and alongside Alonso when defending. Whichever formation was played, it … As a manager Pep Guardiola has won 27 trophies – winning eight league titles in 11 years as a coach in La Liga, Bundesliga and the Premier League – he is considered by many as the greatest coach of his generation. There’s also Robert Lewandowski at his disposal this year. This scenario allowed for dangerous chances to be created using the wings in case the midfield was having a bad day; that’s why Alves was such a vital piece in that period. Since its creation, by Johan Cruyff, some managers have been implementing it in their respective teams, but with some modifications. Mourinho celebrates a year in charge of … Don’t believe a word of it! At home to Stuttgart in the third game of their Bundesliga campaign, Bayern started with Badstuber-Dante-Boateng in a 3-man backline. Abidal was hugely important in compensating for Alves. This is the exact reason why Guardiola hates the word “tiki-taka”; it means passing the ball for the sake of passing. age 18 174 cm. The two withdrawn strikers or attacking mids play a critical role as they alternate between shifting wide or tucking in behind the main striker. Barça : Lionel Messi a appelé Pep Guardiola pour évoquer un transfert à City Par Constant Wicherek Publié le 25/08/2020 23:46 - Mis à jour le 26/08 14:44 Whenever the game was at the dying minutes and Barcelona would be 1-0 up, they would pass the ball along all their 11 players on the field; in the aim of circulating the ball and tiring out the opposition until the game finishes. Two trophy-less seasons had passed at the Nou Camp when ‘Pep’ Guardiola was appointed manager of FC Barcelona ahead of the 2008/09 season; the above were his words during his presentation to the fans. The one in the middle would usually sit deeper as a libero. For example, let’s take 3 players, Pedro has the ball and located in Zone 16, Xavi in Zone 7, and Dani Alves in Zone 8. Guardiola has deployed a 4-2-3-1 formation more than any other this season, including his first match in charge against Sunderland. “I felt truly satisfied with the performance and I’m sure the players did too because they played a great game and enjoyed themselves. And as brilliant a sweeper-keeper as Manuel Neuer is, he could not always save the day for them, especially against quality opposition. The team that “passed” its way to European glory – 2010/2011 Guardiola’s...,,,,,,,,,, Setien’s Real Betis – How Real Betis managed to become solid defensively, Barca 1-0 Atletico Madrid | Barcelona all but seal La Liga, Real Madrid 3-1 PSG | Either we attack or we attack, El Clasico Mini Series| Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona, The best attacking trio right now in Europe, Austrian Bundesliga 2020/21: Austria Vienna vs Sturm Graz – tactical analysis, Serie A 2020/21: Juventus vs Torino – tactical analysis, UEFA Europa League 2020/21: Granada vs PSV Eindhoven – tactical analysis. After bypassing the first line of pressure, the team will push its lines forward and dominate the midfield by congesting as many players in that area as discussed before. The priority during the building up process is maintaining the possession and widening up the pitch too. When Messi moved into the middle as a false nine, Alves continued to play high up the pitch, importantly stretching the play, especially since both Villa and Pedro too were more inclined to move in from out wide. Adhering to those points will transform the team into being proactive with the events of the match being in their own control. Iniesta the needle player that acts more as the attacking midfielder who carries the ball forward into dangerous areas taking advantage of his outstanding individual capacity to dribble. He learns from his previous experiments, reinforces what worked while reanalysing the elements that didn’t (like Schweinsteiger not working well in his fluid formations and encouraging Lahm to play a box-to-box role this year) and tweaking them. Pep Guardiola is amongst the most thought provoking tactical intellectual’s of football history, and is the pioneer for tactical evolution in the modern age. In his first three seasons at the club, Guardiola used the 4-3-3 formation that Barcelona have been synonymous with for decades. Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta formed the fulcrum of this Barcelona side that enabled them to control games that Pep Guardiola strove (and still strives) for. Two strikers press Piqué and Mascherano, as a result they split wide and Busquets drops deep; known as “Salida Lavolpiana”, a concept Guardiola learned from his days in Mexico. If anything came through the middle, they fell back to their original 3-3-3-1 and stuffed them out. 24 posts Last Pick at the Park. Both Fabregas and Sanchez could play in a multitude of positions, which is why they were bought. When used ineffectively the overload of playmakers in the centre muddled the midfield and made their attack look toothless and the build-up slow. But his 4-1-4-1 formation, despite offering much flexibility, had a soft underbelly and was exposed as last season wore on and this year, in recognition of that, he has made another alteration. April 11, 2019 12:45PM. Boateng would often pull wide and operate almost as a full-back in support of Lahm and Müller ahead of him. Positioning players in a diagonal manner opens up different angles for passing and makes it hard for the opposition to properly mark them without disorganizing their lines. The ability of scoring, creating, dribbling, influencing the game without even touching the ball due to the intensive marking that is used on him, thus creating space for his teammates, a player with such ability shouldn’t be on the wings, he should be in the center of play, the main catalyst for the team’s style; that’s what Pep saw in Messi, and boy did Messi repay his coach’s faith in him. He was tasked with resurrecting the fortunes of one of the most famous European clubs in football and bringing back the glory days to Catalonia. From now to the end of the season, we may yet see more new tactics and formations from the Spaniard’s box. Since Pep Guardiola let Barca play tiki-taka en high pressing football I fell in love with his gameplay. Opposing teams simply could not handle the many different attacking formations in the form of an attacking double-pivot of either Götze/Robben, Götze/Müller or Müller/Robben. At times, both Xavi & Iniesta position themselves in their respective half-space where they are facing the gap between the full-back and center back. Why is that? In Pep’s mind, he despises the idea of being a “reactive” side; he always prefers his team to be “proactive” not only in attack, but also in defence. 18. Six full seasons on, he stands out as one of the best managers in world football, the reputation of both Barcelona and his own personal brand greatly enhanced. Mercato - Barcelone : Xavi est bien impliqué dans un grand projet au Barça ! Décryptage du jeu de cette équipe de légende dirigée par un maître de la tactique footballistique. His intricate interchanges with Messi in the opposition half were among Barcelona’s biggest threats. The wing-backs' overlapping capabilities overwhelmed oppositions as the formation essentially became 5 up front with threats from every angle. However, below I have mentioned some plays or excerpts from famous matches that resulted in goals for the Catalan team: United’s lines were broken by Iniesta’s pass to Xavi. La Liga 2020-2021. Mercato - Barcelone : Pep Guardiola devrait jouer deux sales tours au Barça ! His new tactical venture seems to moving towards the use of […] It’s completely made up! However, if such strategy doesn’t help in clearing the danger away from their goal, Barcelona’s players will cover all possible passing lanes to force the opposition into a long ball. But little did the Portuguese know what Guardiola had in store for the rest of the season. Ronnie Dog Media Comm. Xavi with a brilliant switch of body position confused the defence line, complemented by the brilliant movement of Villa and Pedro; starting wide then cutting inside then going back wide again to lose their markers. - Ogden: Barca vs. PSG pick of Champions League last-16 Defensively, the question marks are still there -- in fact, when Levante did break through, it … If yes, then Villa, Pedro, Iniesta, or Xavi can exploit the space left behind and make a run towards goal. However, despite this, one of his greatest exploits was his ability to coach the usage of wing-backs, especially with Dani Alves, who Barca acquired from Sevilla in 2008 at the start of Guardiola’s reign. If he moved up to support Lewandowski, Lahm would go right to provide width and again would be supported by Boateng. In defence, it relies on the 3-man backline and the 4-man midfield, which includes the two wingbacks. In the absence of one or both, Alaba and Rafinha tended to play in a more traditional full-back role. The acquisition of Xabi Alonso has also greatly aided this formation as he acts as a defensive cover, partnering Lahm and due to his long-ball ability can support the attack without ceding his position from deep. Jeudi, Pep Guardiola a prolongé son aventure à Manchester City de deux saisons supplémentaires, jusqu'en 2023. Xavi is the controller who sets the team’s tempo as required and recycles possession towards areas with less opposition pressure. Defenders fell into a dilemma when playing against Barcelona with Messi as a false nine: Playing out from the back is the strategy followed by Barcelona in the first phase of the game, the build-up. To have two needle players such as Messi and Iniesta very close to the penalty box shifts the entire defensive focus towards them resulting in spaces for runs in behind by the wingers. Perhaps that’s why they went for him over Sami Khedira. There is no doubt Pep Guardiola changed the way we look at football. term as coach: 3.12 Years: Coaching Licence: UEFA Pro Licence Preferred formation: 4-3-3 Attacking: History. Barcelona. With Fabregas and also Alexis Sanchez in the side, Guardiola had a new level of freedom and dexterity with which to operate. This goal was scored in Barcelona’s 5-0 win over Real Madrid, with the match being described by Xavi as one of their best performances ever under Guardiola. Pep Guardiola – Tactical evolution from Barca B to Manchester City. Barca's 3-4-3 formation another tactical weapon for Guardiola. Instead, Font will make a new deal for Messi his No 1 priority if he takes power. Often considered as the tactical tweak that revolutionized Barcelona’s playing style, shifting Messi to False Nine not only benefitted the team, but also brought huge success upon the Argentinian. There must be a guideline which the players base their decisions on regarding when to press and when to hold back. Photo Icon Sport. Tiki taka of Pep's Barca - formation and tactics. ****- The field map has been taken from and the numbers for the zones have been added by me. Pep Guardiola's unstoppable Barça (2008-2012) Relive the achievements one of the most phenomenal teams in sporting history. Defensively, Alves would bomb forward on the right with Puyol covering for him. Yet with all that being said, Guardiola still felt he “failed” that night; a perfect representation of how much of a perfectionist Pep is, the same trait that unleashed the monster of 2011, the team Catalans proudly told stories about, El Futbol Club Barcelona. It’s a result of deep analysis and opposition research, and that’s where Guardiola excels; in the minutest of details. To play that in today's game would be outrageous—Guardiola's 2-3-5 with Barcelona … After selling off high-profiled players such as Deco and Ronaldinho, Barcelona played scintillating football throughout the season, winning the Copa del Rey, La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League If yes, then that means the opposition is man-marking Leo; man-marking the player who dazzles anyone with his movement in and out of space; thus creating channels for others to move into and head towards goal. 4-3-3 was famously used by Pep that changes to 3-4-3 during transitions. While many critics believe that all he did was put together a group of some of the most talented players around, that is not necessarily true. They opted for this rigid defensive setup as a base on which to work from. So utilizing the pace and power of Henry and Eto’o, while relying on Messi’s ability to dribble and draw defenders, was essential. Upon his arrival at Bayern, many predicted he would imbibe the tiki-taka system there too, but he didn’t (not entirely) choosing to work around the strengths of the players present in the team. This formation was another continuation in the triangle system of Guardiola, except that instead of widening the pitch to stretch the defence like at Barca, here the system was about overloading the centre of the park with triangles formed all around the centremost midfielder, usually either Kroos, Lahm or Schweinsteiger. In this article, my aim is to provide a detailed explanation how Barça played under Guardiola in their peak 2011 season; a season where they produced one of the most exquisite styles of play the football world ever witnessed in recent time. The opposition presses with 5 players, 2 covering Alves & Abidal, 2 covering Piqué & Mascherano, and 1 covering Busquets. Conversely if Badstuber got drawn out wide left, Bernat would stay up allowing Alonso to drop back and take Badstuber’s place who would now be wide left. Someone like Javi Martinez and Holger Badstuber, both of whom have played as defensive midfielders, can play centre-back better in this formation as it helps them break up play, even at the cost of leaving their position thanks to added protection from the sides and also helps in their distribution. That would result in Abidal falling back into the left side of a back three, with Pique and Puyol. It will get even better when Thiago returns from injury for he brings with him an added dimension where he can play double-pivot with Lahm (as Kroos did last year). Below is an illustration of how Barcelona presses the opposition in the middle of the field (i.e. Guardiola preferred freedom in the final third of the pitch which was effective as the team created many chances per match.

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