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Meanwhile, Alpine redirected their focus to a road car using the 3 litre V8 Gordini engine. The ‘Group 4’ option became the ‘Pack GT’ for Series 2, though it seems to have had different names for different markets; ‘S’ in Germany and ‘F-Pack’ in Japan (!) I prefer the 15’s glasshouse, and thank goodness they both got the loop bumper. Alpine A108: Successor: Alpine A310 The Alpine A110, also known as the "Berlinette", was a sports car produced by the French manufacturer Alpine from 1961 to 1977. Alpine Renault continued to develop their range of models all through the 1980s. CC Scoop: Unseen Alpine Mid-Engined Proposal by Peter Stevens, Mike Tippett’s Curbside Classic of a barnfind Alpine A106 located in the US. The A310 looked as if it had been conceived with night rally stages in mind, although it would never dominate the sport in the same way its forebear had done. The same version of the V6 was carried over but was now mated to a 5 speed. That car led to the first production Alpine, the A106, which would in turn give birth to the Dauphine-based A108. It really is staggering, yet feels utterly benign – on a twisty mountain pass, I can imagine few cars being more inspiring. Opel/Vauxhall payback for this Interlagos prototype? Though the Trident was publicised as a Fissore creation, it appears that Fiore might not have actually been an employee of the carrozzeria, but rather a freelancer. Walter Rohrl was even passed on the road by this 5 without him going off! Cependant les fonds lui … The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. And with it comes a story touched by tragedy and still steeped in mystery. Factory-supplied images suggest this coincides with the headlight mountings changing from body colour to black, but given the hand-assembled nature of these cars that may have been an option. The engine’s 310 hp output was no match for the 400+ hp of the Cosworth engines, so instead this V8 was used in the ill-fated Le Mans prototypes. Le stage de pilotage – 99,00€ Le circuit du Laquais, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, vous propose en attendant de recevoir votre exemplaire de faire un petit tour en Alpine A110, … You did a great job of explaining how Porsche introducing a 6 caused competitors to up their game. A winner to the end, it bowed out with its head held high. Though there seems to be no conclusive proof of his authorship of the two continental models, the similarity across these three forms is marked. The A110 was powered by various Renault engines. Though Prieur’s use of the backbone differed in that the central tube did not carry a driveshaft, it predated Colin Chapman’s efforts with the Lotus Elan by at least two years. As to Gaston Juchet’s contribution, that is only a guess on my part. Great article! When exactly it was diagnosed is not clear. After the tragic circumstances of the 1955 24 Heures du Mans when 83 spectators had been killed, Béligond was commissioned to apply a softer, less combative and more celebratory tone into their famed posters – a task he accomplished into the early 1960s. Peter Stevens continues; ‘The other interesting job was to design an alloy wheel for the A110, Alpine Renault 5 and the A310. Way back in 1979, I invested several weeks’ pocket money in a copy of The Observer’s Book of Automobiles. Perhaps johnh875 may be able to back me up on this one. Alpine and Renault wanted the A310 to be equally successful on the rally circuit as the previous A110’s, naturally. Most significantly, that distinctive front end was revised to a four-headlight arrangement, divided by body panelling which sported the Renault logo. MOTEUR. It got people thinking Small could be More. 8th Feb, 2020. Now I will think of some of the pictures above. The A108 2+2 (top) and A110 GT4 were Chappe et Gessalin shapes. However, Michel Béligond had multiple sclerosis. Alpine and Renault wanted the A310 to be equally successful on the rally circuit as the previous A110’s, naturally. The A310 received the same backbone chassis as the A110, although it had wishbone and coilover suspension on all corners compared with the A110’s swing-arm rear. Though I do also find the original V6 quite beautiful, and a better performer. Frequelin-Delaval, Ronde de la Giraglia winner The Alpine A310 V6 is likely one of the most beautiful rally cars of the seventies. It is interesting that Porsche were make the move to the 911 (with its completely unique engine) and grow significantly while Lotus and Alpine were not – as you said earlier the US market no doubt played a key part. It is interesting to see those early Rédélé coupes and compare them to the contemporary 356. It incorporated broad fully-volumed ‘c-pillars’ running cleanly and completely into the body as no automotive shape had applied them before. Power: 169 HP Weight: 964 kg Weight Distribution: 50 Displacement: 1.605 cc Max. Stages de Pilotage Porsche 911 sur terre Alpine-Renault A442/0 _ The Retromobile show opens its doors from February 5 to 9, 2020, at PARIS-EXPO in Paris, France. Interestingly, Juchet – who was overwhelmingly the primary stylist on the R16 – is not featured here, perhaps as a result of his own modesty, of Béligond’s photogenic presence, or of both. I must have seen an A310 at some point. (A note at this point: the 1972 World Cars Catalogue lists the VE version as having an SAE horsepower of 140. Though these images are not in strict chronological order, we can see how the shape of the Alpine two-seater cars moved towards their most iconic iteration as the A106 and Dauphine-based A108 models overlapped. Most were VF models, but I don’t think the engines received any further tuning. Fantastic to hear its getting a refurb. S’il n’est pas exclu un engagement en Alpine Elf Europa CUP, le team, prépare surtout sa saison en Championnat TTE. The louvres were available very early in the A310’s life but soon fell out of French regulatory compliance probably because of rear visibility issues, which makes their presence on the police cars even more interesting. It is probably disingenuous, however, to deny Michelotti’s influence on these shapes. The front suspension towers were taller than those on the A110 as the coils were mounted to the top of the wishbone. Jim Klein touched on it, but looking at the later & hairier versions of the A310 reminded me of the Countach that also grew scoops and bulges as it developed. That’s extremely flattering Paul. When he upped his order to 100 examples, Frua was unable to commit to the revised volume and Monteverdi instead contracted another carrozzeria, Fissore, to build the cars. The A310 was the next modern interpretation of the A110. A few weeks ago I spotted this 1971 Renault R15 TL. With help from Brabham’s Ron Tauranac and shaping by Hubert, Alpine had entered the Formula 3 category and found their car carrying that year’s French Champion, a feat equalled in 1971 and 1972 and also surpassed in 1972 with the team’s European Championship. There was another special-bodied Alpine that some had originally presumed to be based on the A310. Grand Prix; Results and Standings Under familial pressure, Rédélé gave up on his little Michelotti and instead joined Escoffier in a venture formalised as ‘Société des Automobiles Alpine’ on 6 July 1955. L’Alpine A310 comme modèle. Pay for a Porsche badge if you will, but you’ll be missing out on a superb sports car and transcontinental express. The replacement for the A310, the V6 GT, appeared in 1985, with its chassis plate bearing the manufacturer’s formal name, Alpine Renault, but badged externally Renault Alpine. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four-cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. Probably a variation of Vitaloni Sebring mirrors…, Could be the Vitaloni Californian (top row), but I think you’re right on the Sebring. Tipping the scales with a dry weight of just 545kg (1200lb), the Berlinette had an enviable power-to-weight ratio, ensuring excellent performance, but – unlikely though it may sound – the car’s greatest virtue lay in its astonishing cornering prowess and traction. The A310 is deceptively quick – it goes like stink, in fact – yet it’s wonderfully cosseting. From that I first learnt of the A310’s existence and, as a six-year-old, I was transfixed. Toute jeune, l’entreprise propose aux passionnés de voitures anciennes de rouler en voitures vintage, telles qu’une Triumph Spitfire MK4 de 1971, une Alpine A310 Calberson de 1977, une Lotus Seven S3 de 1969 ou une Ford Mustang Fastback de 1968. It was the work of French stylist Denis Meyrignac and was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1977. This V6 is not a sports car engine but its willingness to spin hard to its redline, pulling strongly and smoothly all the way, was as impressive as its ability to lug around in third and fourth from 1200rpm or cruise peacefully in top. Photo source: It was very similar to the first, although it had lost its moustache and had gained a cleaner shoulder-line and tighter greenhouse. He had refused to pay Frua a design royalty for the examples being built by Fissore, and Frua took him to court. The Alpine A310 was debuted to the public at the 1971 Geneva Auto Show and was meant as a replacement for the A110, though it stayed in production until 1977. It would have a sort of latter-day Dieppe Raid. What soon emerged were increasingly lairier versions of the R5. Using A110s, the Alpine team won the World Rally Championship in 1971, and the car continued to notch up national titles for its various drivers through to 1975. The leather looks boring in comparison. En parallèle, la Régie fait bénéficier Alpine du contrat de préconisation signé avec Elf ce qui permet de débloquer un budget de compétition complémentaire, tandis que Philippe Lamirault ouvre le réseau des concessionnaires Renault à la diffusion des A110 puis A310. The factory continued to release new and innovative road cars throughout the Seventies and Eighties, including the A310 V6 and the GTA. During the previous year’s Monte Carlo Rally all the works cars had retired with damaged rear suspension caused by heavy lumps of ice being frozen between the wheel spokes and so putting the wheels out of balance. 2017, Manosque • asphalt 116.80 km • Other years. Build quality on the A310 was not great. But even the over-spoilered later versions are attractive, in a late 70’s sort of way. Perhaps you could flex your writing muscles with something for CC around the collection you attend to. But it doesn’t sound like you really need it. Copyright 2011 - 2020 Curbside Classics. Wow Don, when I clicked the post I wasn’t prepared for how detailed and in-depth it would go into all of Alpine’s history, a fantastic read! Rédélé’s global ambitions resulted in thousands of licence-built A110 models from Interlagos in Brazil, FASA in Spain, Dinalpin in Mexico as well as 50 examples of the Bulgaralpine produced in Bulgaria. AMC added to that with Le Car. Alongside its ’80s stablemate it really is tiny, but boy does it punch above its weight. Les chronos sur le circuit de Lohéac. Additionally, I think I’ve always been biased against the A310 because of the ’80s version of it and the fact that it wasn’t an A110, but the four-cylinder is a beauty. Le moteur quatre cylindres de 1,8 litre demeure, mais la pression de suralimentation du turbocompresseur est augmentée de 0,4 bar pour offrir de meilleures performances. Cheers Chris. Cool cars I’m sure Ive seen a A 310 at a show in Aussie nothing else looks like that I saw a A110 in Havelock north here in Hawkes bay at the end of a Dunlop targa it had been competing beautiful car and very rare here, Vauxhall copied the faired in lights of the 310 for their Firenza droop snoot coupe, but awesome cars and a great write up Thanx Don. The Renault Owners’ Club is the only UK club to have been around for every Alpine launch. If anyone can provide more exact and verified figures, I will amend the text accordingly). Alpine may have abandoned the Col de Turini in favour of China in Your Hand, but the Dieppe firm had far from sold out. Pierre Dreyfus was most impressed with the display. Rédélé had been chafing at his lack of independence within Alpine, and with the cabriolet project he was finally able to get his own way on the matter. The interior shot looks very inviting with that great 70s color matched euro velour. Cette page recense quelques temps chronométrés par des pilotes amateurs sur le circuit de Lohéac lors de sorties circuit loisir.. L'objectif est d'offrir un point de comparaison entre les pilotes et les voitures, sans aucun esprit de compétition. However, after winning five special stages, Nicolas and chassis 18393 were safe in 2nd overall, finishing over 19 minutes ahead of Jean-Luc Thérier, in a sister Alpine A310, in 3rd. Ce week-end, on était aussi en Bretagne pour l'Autobrocante Festival de Lohéac 2017, un événement varié et qui plaira à tous ! In 1954, he had earned an Alpine Cup by finishing the Alpine Rally without penalty. The badges, it would appear, are not to be trusted. I always had a soft spot for the A310, I thought it was a cool looking car. The massive rear transmission ‘pyramid’ intruded significantly on the +2 seating, though it was not as cramped as some competitors. A really wonderful piece. Whereas the A310’s styling had been a radical leap forward compared to the A110, the third generation of our triumvirate – the GTA – was very much a case of subtle evolution. This shape, possibly by Gandini, seems to have come to nothing. As before, the press heaped accolades on the A310’s handling, Motor observing that it ‘cornered as if on rails’. Fiore was an English-born stylist who changed his surname – ‘Frost’ – to that of his mother – the italianate ‘Fiore’. Hope to see it around town. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème voitures aston martin, aston martin, voiture. Renault immediately halted further rally funding for the A310 at this point. What an incredibly detailed and insightful look into a significant series of sports cars that I knew only from sporadic coverage of the A110 in American car magazines. 594 alpine a110 d'occasion sur le Parking, la recherche de voiture d'occasion la plus rapide du web. The backbone chassis arrangement was retained but this was a new car. It is ashamed that the Gordini V8 did not work out. 2014 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Akihito Toyoda. However, this shape looks to be the work of Aldo Sessano, of Bocanegra fame and who had also penned the Lancia Fulvia-based 1971 Coggiola Dunja seen at bottom left. The nub of the problem seems to sit with the fact that this new Alpine car was originally planned around the 3 litre V8, which – to best of my knowledge – was cancelled during the development of the A310. Trouvez la voiture de vos rêves. This is Fiore working on yet another similar shape – the Gilbern G11 – in the late 1960s with assistant Jim English. There was one very big difference: Porsche was very successful in the US. This might have been taken as a direct competitor to the Alpine, but what would emerge was ultimately a small boulevardier rather than a performance car. The 3 litre V8 was the combined effort of the Gordini (right), Rédélé and Renault to raise their collective game and compete at the ultimate levels including Formula One. Volvo XC70 D5 DEPUIS 2005 185ch / 400 Nm : Alpine A310 V6 DEPUIS 1981 150ch / 203 Nm Faster at the expense of more rear weight bias, It took Group 5 homologation (which was not FIA WRC sanctioned) to slightly better the power of a Group 4 Stratos. See more ideas about Auta, Vozidla, Francouzi. Le « A fléché » d’Alpine signe la grille d’entrée d’air, les flancs, les ailes avant et le pavillon. Renault Sport are now in the former Alpine factory where they make the fast production Renaults like the Megane RS. Not only the A310 but the whole history of Alpine–just brilliant! And to eventually ensnare for himself a share in ownership of Fissore. If Coggiola had been engaged by Renault or Alpine to help with styling during the ‘soft-form’ phase of the A310 in early 1968, it still takes us further away from the explanation as to how this soft form version came to be so close to the Monteverdi Hai. Adn the car’s not bad either. This form cannot be used to contact the photographer. The rear really demonstrates this and is helped in no small measure by the lack of seams on the one piece body. I was vaguely aware of the Alpine cars, but learned a lot this morning! Here is the first verifiable instance of Fiore’s involvement with the Alpine. Instead of the Chappe et Gessalin proposal, the Michelotti Renault prototype somehow found itself announced as the next new model in the Alpine range. The little that is known about the RAG project is that it was to be based on the 1965-released Renault R16 and featured the four-cylinder engine used in that family car in Gordini-developed form. The origins of the Alpine name came from Rédélé’s own competition experiences. If it was more power and even wider flares you wanted, then you needed to find yourself the 270+ hp Group 5 version. The mid-rear engined Monteverdi Hai 450 SS arrived in the wake of the Lamborghini Miura and was first shown in 1970. No one can beat the French, that’s Renault and Peugeot, when it comes to B-segment hot hatches. Featuring a tubular steel backbone chassis designed by Rédélé and his cousin Roger Prieur, the Berlinette gave a clear indication of the direction the marque would take – both in terms of styling and purpose. The French police, or more specifically, the Brigade Rapide d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie, continued with tradition and had a small fleet of A310s; numbers quoted vary between five and seven. Great find. Probably explains why I like 205 GTIs as well. Hi Don, I just spotted and read your great article. Its most notable results were a brace of thirds on the Tour de Corse (in ’74 and ’76) plus the French Rally Championship title in ’77, as Renault – which had taken a 55% stake in Alpine in 1973 – shifted the Dieppe company’s competition focus towards Le Mans. The heavier engine altered the A310’s weight distribution, now at 33% front and 67% rear. I’ll be honest, French cars have often left me cold, they just don’t look interesting and the ones that are more out there, tend to be a mish mash of design choices that fails to find a coherent shape. I never realized that even a small run were actually sold here though. You made my day with all those A110 pictures, too. History. It really wasn’t ready for US conditions, and by 1960 its sales plummeted, unlike the VW’s. A couple of years ago, fellow carspotter AVL wanted to show me an exotic he had found in Melbourne’s backstreets. If any of the CCommentariat have read this book, I would greatly appreciate their input. They just managed to get almost everything right. Your comprehensive high-quality articles are like a work of art. On his return to France, Rédélé had a third coupe made which he was intending to race and hopeful of another production opportunity. "This is a competition between the historical sports cars of France that are obsessed with rear-engine, rear wheel drive." Would have been fascinating seeing a version of the Alpine A310 powered by either a Gordini or PRV V8 as well as the 160 hp 1.4 Turbo from the rally focused Renault 5 Turbo. In 1987 the GTA was prepared for the US market with unique flip-up headlights. Despite the fact that the Michelotti car was not favoured, Rédélé rather sneakily ordered a two-seater cabriolet prototype from Michelotti/Allemano based on the coupe as the Renault project progressed. ALPINE A310 1600VE '73 . Quite the opposite; the Dauphine quickly became an icon of a “lemon” in the US. Yet despite its 40/60 weight distribution it still looked like a 5, not least when sitting beside a Gordini – as the Turbo 2 is today at a race track in mid-France. I savored every paragraph. The 2.6 L motor was modified by Alpine with a four-speed manual gearbox. De la F1 au Rallye ! Some in-house ideas had been prepared before Renault looked to the Italian carrozzerie for suggestions. Only 21 examples were made. Wow! As he later recounted; ‘I thoroughly enjoyed crossing the Alps in my Renault 4CV, and that gave me the idea of calling my future cars ‘Alpines’. Retrouvez les célèbres Alpine A310, Alpine GTA V6, Renault R5 Alpine Turbo mais également, la toute nouvelle Alpine A110 Première Édition, en hommage à la Berlinette, la star des rallyes ! Except for its first and last (half) years, annual production never dipped below 1,000 units. Few people on this side of the Channel may know what it is, but don’t let that put you off. During the car’s development, aerodynamicist Marcel Hubert had paid much attention to detail, and neat touches included the adoption of a distinctive nose with six Cibié headlamps nestling Citroën SM-style behind glass covers. European auto design of that era really was quite incestuous, everyone seeming to work with everyone else for some limited period of time. Rallye Suedliche Weinstrasse 2017 Der Alpine A310 (auch: Alpine Renault A310 oder Renault Alpine A310) ist ein Sportwagen des französischen Automobilherstellers Alpine, der von Frühjahr 1971 bis Anfang 1985 hergestellt wurde. Outside of the 1st place finish on the 1975 Rhonde Crevenole, 3rd place was the next best thing these cars could muster (all on French events). When the V6 came on the market quite a few were sold here in the Netherlands, where you would never meet an A310 4 cylinder nor an A 110 in this country except a few that we used for competition only. In 1977, this A480 styling mockup was prepared as part of an attempt to create a ‘1980’ language for an Alpine in mid-rear engined configuration. Savez vous où je pourrais trouver ça ? Hans Ledwinka had conceived the backbone frame nearly fifty years prior and first used it in his 1921 Tatra T11. Early coupes were very similar to the first Michelotti Dauphine proposal. 1967 also saw the introduction of the A211 sports prototype. The mass-market sports car market was utterly dominated by rag-tops, which explains the failure of the TR7, as most Americans who had a sports car were either young or had a second car. and an appraisal of more recent ‘Alpine’ efforts, AteUpWithMotor on the R5 and its variants, Our feature CC discussed by those in the know at Across the life of the A310, there would be very little change made to the body. Aerodynamicist Marcel Hubert (bottom right) had been hired by Rédélé in 1962 primarily to work on their racing efforts starting with the M63, and would continue with the marque until 1982 as a crucial member of the team. Alpine a déjà tenté ce créneau : avec la A310 et la A610... on ne peut pas dire que cela a été un franc succès 3/ l’actuel la A110 actuel est une auto TRES réussis, tous les journalistes le disent, tous mes amis testeurs / essayeurs me l'on confirmait Alpine sorted the handling on the 310 simply by putting huge tyres on the rear (they’re even bigger on this car) and it seems to have worked. D’après Louis Chazel, l’Alpine A110 CUP est une excellente base de développement. Excellent ! It would win the first three competitions it entered and was apparently soon sold off, no doubt at a nice profit given its auspicious provenance. The 2.6 L motor was modified by Alpine with a four-speed manual gearbox. I learnt lot there, and your knowledge of style and stylists comes right through. But the cars were good anyway.

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